No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2268

He fought hard at that moment and nearly finished his last true energy to kill all the corpse puppets. Everybody else faced the same issue.

Benjamin was from the same sect as Graham, and Graham had also asked him how he managed to spend the last moments after they were transferred back to the Divine Void slope. After all, fighting so many corpse puppets had exhausted their true energy and rendered them helpless.

After enquiring Benjamin for the details of the process, Graham came to a conclusion that no matter how strong they were, as long as they were in the innate level, their true energy would still be used up. After all, the speed of their killing was in direct proportion to their strength. The faster they killed, the crazier the corpse puppets grew, resulting in more energy being drained in the process. The weaker competitors would kill the enemies with a slower speed, and the corpse puppets’ attack would be weakened.

The Corpse Pavilion’s eldest disciple and himself were unquestionably the strongest among everyone there. They were the fastest in killing enemies, and the corpse puppets in their area were the craziest. This caused a large amount of their true energy to be exhausted, although they were the strongest. In the end, they were unable to continue.

As for Jackie…

How did he manage to surpass their speed and become the first person to kill 120 corpse puppets when he was only at the intermediate stage of innate level? Was Jackie possibly stronger than them? However, this could cause the corpse puppets to go crazy and consume a huge amount of Jackie’s true energy!

The differences in their realms not only caused the differences in their lethality, but there was also a difference in the storage of their true energy. Those In the final stage of the innate level had one quarter more storage of true energy compared to those in the intermediate stage. Of course, the precondition was that both were practicing martial skills of the same level. Graham assumed that Jackie had not practiced any high-level martial skill as that required talents and a good understanding of the realms.

Only those who achieved a certain fighting prowess can practice high-level martial skills. This was a common sense that everyone had the same understanding, and that young man could not have practiced high-level martial skills. Since he had a quarter less of true energy storage compared to Graham, how did Jackie manage to finish the mission first when Graham suffered in the end, nearly failing to complete the challenge?

Graham just could not figure it out. He looked toward Jackie, who was nearby.

Jackie stood at his position calmly as he ignored all the discussions around him.

“He wasn’t hurt?” Graham’s voice was slightly hoarse when he spoke.

The Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciples beside him quickly replied, “I’ve been looking at Jackie since just now, and he didn’t suffer from any wounds at all. He didn’t replenish his true energy since he returned and had ignored anyone that wanted to talk to him, standing still and looking forward in silence this whole time.”

“Impossible,” insisted Graham, unable to believe what had happened.

There was something wrong, for sure. He killed 120 corpse puppets and had struggled when he did, and he was also wounded after completely exhausting his true energy. On the other hand, Graham could not help but suspect that something was wrong with Jackie as Jackie was the complete opposite of himself. Graham knew deep in his heart that something was wrong with this guy as Jackie did not suffer from any wounds or exhaustion of true energy.

“What’s impossible?” the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciple standing beside Graham asked curiously when they heard what he said.

Graham did not answer his question and only observed Jackie quietly as all sorts of ideas appeared In his head. “I think it’s impossible, too.”


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