No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2267

The masked man had asked in a barely audible voice, and Zamian quickly nodded. “Benjamin Gale and Graham Eliot from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had passed the challenge. Graham is much stronger and took a shorter time compared to Benjamin.”

The masked man turned toward where Benjamin was and noticed that he was slightly pale. Benjamin had swallowed some pills as he focused on recovering and restoring his true energy. It was obvious that everybody had used a lot of their true energy when they were in the blood world.

“Who else?” asked the masked man again.

Zamian coughed lightly as his expression turned rigid. He did not wish to mention this, but he did not have a choice. “There’s… Senior Brother Lennon from our sect and…yourself,” Zamian stuttered as he spoke, and the masked man turned around to look at him in surprise.

Zamian forced a smile, and the masked man frowned when he saw Zamian’s expression. He was extremely puzzled. “Why do you look like you’re about to cry? Just be honest and tell me what happened. Why are you stuttering?”

Something then clicked in the masked man’s mind, and he asked, “You’ve only mentioned four of us. Who’s the fifth?”

The masked man had finally asked a question Zamian had to answer directly. He gritted his teeth as he made up his mind. “It’s Jackie.”

“What!?” The masked man thought that he had made a mistake. What was he talking about? The fifth person was Jackie?

Impossible! This was impossible!

“What are you talking aboutI’m asking you who the fifth person is not how Jackie is doing hissed the masked man

Zamian exhaled deeply as he forced himself to calm down. “I’m talking about Jackie, he’s the fifth person who completed the mission. Also.. He isn’t just the fifth person to complete the challenge, he’s the first one to do so.” Zamian was immediately relieved, as if he had completed a huge mission in life, when he finally let the words out of his chest. No matter what he did, he could never escape this question

“What? What did you say?” The masked man squeezed the words through gritted teeth. At this moment, Graham and the others had opened their eyes to look at the masked man. After all, they all knew who the masked man was, and he managed to capture their attention with his heart wrenching roar.

Graham heard everything they had said, seeing as both Zamian and the masked man’s voices were very audible to the rest of them. His emotionless expression started to crumble like cracks appearing on thick ice, and he was unable to remain calm.

If he was not tending to his wounds, he would have jumped up from the Divine Void Slope or rushed over to ask if this was true!

“Is it true that he was the first?” Graham’s voice slightly trembled as he spoke.

The other disciples standing beside Graham nodded, and it looked like Zamian was telling the truth. Regardless, Graham felt that everything that happened was absurd. He remembered that Jackie was only in the intermediate stage of the innate level, and there was a limit to his strength.

He fought hard in the blood world, and only those who experienced killing 120 corpse puppets knew how difficult it was to kill all of them at once!


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