No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2266

Jackie had never imagined that this would happen. He initially thought that this was just a normal way of increasing his fighting prowess and had never imagined that he would obtain such benefits.

However, his body was overwhelmed as he absorbed a hefty amount of pure spirit power. As a result, he turned pale and vomited blood as he suffered from some internal injuries. To Jackie, however, this was nothing as it was incomparable to what he had obtained

A disciple of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion stared straight at the Divine Void Slope and feebly commented, “Why haven’t they come out? Were they transferred to another world after they passed the test? As we’ve been eliminated, are we unable to observe how they go through the upcoming tests?”

All five disciples in the blood world had completed their mission, and all four Divine Void Warriors in front of them had disappeared. This meant that all of them had passed the test. Still, there were no movements at where they originally stood on the Divine Void Slope, much to everyone’s bewilderment.

After all, everyone that was eliminated would be transferred back to the Divine Void Slope from the blood world, but everyone was confused and began making assumptions when those who completed the tasks had not returned. After the remaining five passed the test, the Divine Void Slope also changed. All the Divine Void Warriors placed in front of the challengers had disappeared, and the scene had regained its unobstructed view.

After some time, the people there heard something swishing, as though a strong wind had blown past the trees, followed by several muffled banging noises. All five challengers that passed through the test finally returned to their original places. They were not transported back but were tossed in midair, and the challengers could not react in time due to how abrupt they were thrown out. Thus, all five of them fell to the ground in an extremely embarrassing state. Fortunately, they were martial artists, and minor wounds were nothing to them.

The masked man placed both hands on the ground and managed to stand up. He patted the dust off his body in a speechless manner and could not help but look up toward where he fell down from.

“Our eldest senior brother is so strong! He passed the challenge without any difficulties. The group of masters are incomparable to our senior brother!”

“The treasures on this Divine Void Slope are for our eldest senior brother to take. He’s the only one with the strength to get them!”

The loud compliments drowned the voices of the rest. The disciples of the Corpse Pavilion were extremely excited when they saw that the masked man was finally returned. They did not stop talking and sang praises of the masked man continuously.

The masked man was used to this after so many years. He had always been the top disciple in his sect, and none could match up to him. As such praises had always been surrounding him, they had no effect on him.

He exhaled softly and ignored the compliments as he asked coldly. “How many people won the challenge?”

He remembered what the announcer, old-sounding as it was, had said. They would face nine Divine Void Warriors in total, and there were four waiting for him as he managed to eliminate four in this challenge. He wanted to know who else was competing for the treasures with him at this moment.

Zamian immediately replied in a flattery manner,” Five of you managed to pass the challenge.” He paused and had no intention of continuing the conversation.

The masked man exhaled softly after he heard this. There were five of them, but the others might not be able to hold out for much longer. After all, the current challenge was extremely difficult, let alone those they had to face later. He estimated that less than ten percent of those who remained would be able to continue when he heard the rules in the blood world.

True enough, his assumption was correct, and the number of people that succeeded was less than his expectation. “Is Graham Eliot one of them?”


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