No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2265

At this moment, a cracking sound was suddenly heard coming from the Scattered Soul Crystal, and cracks started to appear on the crystals. The cracks grew with an unprecedented speed and soon covered the entire crystal. The crystals looked like they would break at any time and the precious energy stored inside would once again be released. Both the masked man and Lennon’s response was to put their guards up mentally. They took two steps backward and once again tightened their grip on their weapons in order to react to any sudden changes. To them, the crystals seemed to be rewarded to those who managed to pass the Divine Void Slope. However, this was their assumption and none of them were sure.

Compared to the frightened disciples from the Corpse Pavilion, Graham and Benjamin’s reactions were slightly composed. Although they were also glaring at the Scattered Soul Crystals while they gradually cracked, vigilantly, they did not hide from It. Jackie was the only one who looked at the Scattered Soul Crystal in a regretful and anxious manner. After the scattered Soul Crystals crack, the energy will be immediately released. If he failed to absorb the power, the precious and pure spirit energy would be completely wasted. This was definitely a great loss for Jackie and he dared not waste any time. Before the Scattered Soul Crystal completely broke into pieces, he sat down with his knees crossed to calm himself Down and to be prepared to absorb the energy at any time

Following the last cracking sound, the Scattered Soul Crystal was completely broken. A great sea of spirit energy came pouring toward Jackie with no restriction. Jackie frowned as he immediately absorbed the energy into his own body. He performed spells with his hands and waves of black light flowed around his fingers. He quickly activated Destroying the Void and started forming the soul swords without holding them back. In order to form the soul swords, he required the support of a strong aura. It was a waste to not form the soul swords after absorbing such a large amount of pure spirit energy!

Jackie did not require any teaching from teachers or spend any time to slowly understand how to practice the martial skills. Due to the selfless sacrifice from the previous great master, Jackie’s understanding and training toward Destroying the Void had already achieved an incomparable level. What he required was the support of strong spirit energy in order to form more soul swords. Now that he had absorbed such a huge amount of pure spirit energy from the Scattered Soul Crystals, he was forming the soul swords with an astonishing speed.

“31! 32!” Jackie slowly counted with every soul sword he formed. This Scattered Soul Crystal was double the size of the one that he absorbed previously. He felt like his veins were about to pop as he was absorbing such a huge amount of spirit power. However, Jackie was much stronger than he used to be.

During this period of time, not only did he replay how to activate Destroying the Void in his heart a few hundred times, but he had also managed to form 15 soul swords. With so much experience, he faced no obstacles and was several times faster when forming the soul swords.

Time slowly passed by and during the lengthy period of forming the soul swords, Jackie had no sense of how much time had already gone by.

“Cough, cough…” After absorbing the last trace of the pure spirit energy, Jackie could not help but cough out a mouthful of blood. The red blood stained his clothes as his complexion turned pale. However, he was unable to suppress his happiness. After he absorbed the pure spirit power from the Scattered Soul Crystal, he managed to form another 20 soul swords. Together with the 15 soul swords previously, he was capable of forming 35 soul swords at once!


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