No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2264

Jackie glared alertly at the Divine Void Warrior in front of him. The Divine Void Warrior was expressionless as he stretched out his palm. A wave of grayish-black energy that looked like mist slowly gathered in his palm. Jackie was familiar with this wave of energy. He experienced it several times in the past and realized that this was the energy the corpse puppet released after they were killed.

He remembered clearly that his body experienced extreme hunger after he felt the wave of energy and It felt like that energy was the best food in the world. Right now, waves of the energy gathered in the palms of the Divine Void Warrior and there were a total of 120 waves of energy. Jackie’s heart raced as he wondered what the warrior was thinking.

The energy continued to gather like streams flowing into the river in the Divine Void Warrior’s palm. After five breaths, a maroon-colored crystal appeared in front of Jackie. Jackie could not help but exclaim when he finally saw what the crystal looked like. “Shattered Soul Crystal?”

This was a Shattered Soul Crystal the size of two thumbs. The entire crystal was red in color and looked like a piece of blood jade that had been buried for hundreds of thousand years. When observed closer, there were sparkles of red dots inside, and there was a soul-capturing beauty to the crystal.

Jackie obtained two Shattered Soul Crystals in the past, and they came from the corpse covered in red runes outside the Ten Absolutes Trap Array. One of them was the size of a thumb while the other was the size of his palm. One of the crystals had been completely absorbed by Jackie while the other was still intact and stored in the Mustard Seed.

“How can it be a Shattered Soul Crystal? Why is it a Shattered Soul Crystal?” Jackie was extremely surprised. Why did the Shattered Soul Crystal appear here? Did the Divine Void Warrior coagulate the Shattered Soul Crystal as a reward for him?

In Jackie’s memories, the Scattered Soul Crystals were precious treasures even in the Divine Void World. Only great sects would have one or two crystals. However, why does he continuously see so many crystals in this third-grade world? This did not make any sense. He was certain that there was something wrong with the West Cercei State. A long time ago, something huge definitely happened in the West Cercei State and it was definitely related to the Divine Void World.

Jackie exhaled deeply as all sorts of assumptions appeared in his head. No matter what he assumed, he was unable to make the correct decision as he did not have enough information. The same scene appeared in all five independent blood worlds. The other five people also completed their challenge within the required time and arrived in front of their respective Divine Void Warriors. However, they did not have the same perspective as Jackie and were only glaring at the crystals. They knew that this was definitely a precious treasure but they had no idea what it actually was and its function.

Although the masked man was already in the spring solidifying realm, his knowledge was still limited. After all, the world they were in was only a third grade world and was incomparable to the Divine Void World. On top of that, Jackie’s memories came from the strongest masters of the Divine Void World while the masked man was only the eldest disciple of a fourth-grade sect in West Cercei State located in the Hestia Continent.

All of them looked at the Divine Void Warriors stretching out their hands in front of them puzzlingly. The Corpse Pavilion disciple, Lennon Wachs, even stretched out his finger to touch the weird crystal.


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