No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2263

Just like what the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciple said, he should remove the words ‘maybe as Jackie would definitely complete the challenge. On top of that, he would complete the challenge much faster than everybody else! The disappearance of the fourth Divine Void Warrior meant that Jackie had successfully killed 120 corpse puppets! What a great achievement this was! Even the eldest disciple of the Corpse Pavilion was unable to complete the mission as the fourth Divine Void Warrior did not disappear.

“Goodness me! The most important thing is that this guy is only in the intermediate stage of the innate level. Since when is somebody in the intermediate stage of the innate level so strong? There are so many of us, who are in the final stage of the innate level, who have failed! On top of that, we’re forced into the corner and are unable to fight back!” His lips were slightly trembling as he spoke. He was unable to believe that everything was true. This was such a great blow for them!

Nobody could imagine that the first person to complete the mission was an unknown disciple from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Although Jackie caused a commotion previously, it was within a small radius. Everybody only slightly looked up at Jackie but none of them imagined that he would have such strength and talents. Even the eldest disciple of the Corpse Pavilion paled into insignificance in front of him! The reason for the fight between the Corpse Pavilion and Thousand Leaves Pavilion seemed to be nothing after what happened!

In the blood world where Jackie was in, he had a black sword in his hand and looked like an undefeatable pine tree standing in this world filled with blood. One another another, the corpse puppets dropped dead around him. Their black blood pooled into a small river and circulated around Jackie with a swooshing sound. There was still some black blood on his sword and the blood dripped down drop by drop following the edge of the sword.

Jackie exhaled deeply and finally relaxed when the final corpse puppet died. Compared to the situation Inthe other worlds, his surroundings were much cleaner as most of the corpse puppets died from a single attack! Jackie’s means of killing wasn’t to destroy the corpse puppet’s defense. Instead, he used Destroying the Void to kill their souls. He only needed a small cut and the corpse puppet would definitely die. The corpse puppets, who were originally threatening him with their claws and fangs, had slowly fallen to the ground one after the other. The corpse puppets no longer blocked his line of sight and Jackie slightly raised his chin to look far away with burning eyes.

About 100 meters from where he was, a man in armor stood straight there with a sword in his hand. The two of them looked at each other from afar. The Divine Void Warrior was still the same and even his expression remained the same. Jackie put the black sword away and slowly walked past the corpse puppets’ bodies on the ground. He slowly approached the Divine Void Warrior. The old announcer made it clear previously that they had won the challenge after they successfully killed 120 corpse puppets. If so, the last Divine Void Warrior he saw was no danger to him.

He did not float in midair or rushed forward. He slowly approached the Divine Void Warrior one step after the other. He spent around 10 minutes before arriving in front of the Divine Void Warrior. There wasn’t any difference between this Divine Void Warrior and the others he saw previously. Every person that stepped onto the Divine Void Slope would face Divine Void Warriors with different appearances. However, the Divine Void Warriors each individual face would remain the same.

Jackie subconsciously took a step backwards when he heard the cracking sound as if a mechanism was activated. He was afraid of something uncontrollable happening. However, the Divine Void Warrior’s arm moved at this moment!


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