No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2262

Apart from Jackie, it was just a matter of time for the four others to kill the final 30 corpse puppets. However, Jackie was much stronger than 90% of the people there even though he had only gotten rid of two Divine Void Warriors.

The surprising look on Nelson’s face was so apparent that the unconvinced feeling filled Griffin’s heart after he saw it. He could not help but speak sulkily.” That guy is just lucky. Who knew what he did?”

Nobody resonated with anything he said. Everybody knew well that he was just envious and jealous of Jackie. The stronger Jackie was, the more terrible he felt as they had a bad relationship. Everybody understood his mentality and did not say anything because of this.

However, Riv spoke with a slight tremble in his voice at this moment.”90! Jackie had killed 90 corpse sects! Look at him! The third Divine Void Warrior in front of him has disappeared!”

What he said successfully attracted everybody’s attention. Not only the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples, the disciples of the other sects also turned around to look at where Jackie was. It was true that three Divine Void Warriors had disappeared from where Jackie was and only one Divine Void Warriors covered by the red light remained. The disciples of their sect were speechless while the disciples from the other sects started discussing what happened in surprise.

“I thought that Jackie would be the one who was unable to persist among those five in the blood world. After all, he only killed 60 corpse puppets. From the looks of things, there’s a possibility that he might be able to complete the challenge! Sure enough, we cannot look down on anybody!”

After this person finished speaking, a Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciple standing beside him could not help but speak loudly. “What do you mean by he might be unable to complete the challenge? Remove the word ‘might’! I’m sure that my Junior Brother Jackie is capable of doing it! I’m sure he would be able to get rid of the fourth one as he successfully got rid of three of them!”

At this moment, none of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples, apart from Griffin, resented Jackie. Previously, they felt ashamed because of Jackie, but the strength Jackie presented right now made them proud of him. After all, four out of those five who stayed in the blood world were from fourth grade sects. Among them, Jackie was the only one from the third-grade sect.

Although all of them were qualified to enter the Secret Place for Resources, they were disciples from third-grade sects and disciples from fourth grade sects were much stronger than them. They always had a feeling of being belittled by the fourth grade disciples! Right now, Jackie had finally made the third-grade sects proud. Griffin inhaled deeply. “How’s that possible?! How can he be capable of such achievements?!”

Griffin was slightly trembling when he was speaking as if he was unable to believe that this was happening. After he took in several deep breaths, his facial expression had been incredibly darkened. Zamian also frowned deeply while Theo looked like a family member of his had just died. They had never imagined that Jackie had already achieved such strength and was comparable to the strongest disciples from the fourth-grade sects. This was beyond their imagination!

At this moment, somebody yelled loudly. “Look! The fourth Divine Void Warrior in front of Jackie had also disappeared!”

This noise was no different from tossing a time bomb onto the calm surface. Everybody widened their eyes in surprise and looked towards where Jackie was previously in disbelief. The fourth Divine Void Warrior had disappeared and everything happened so quickly. They were still discussing if Jackie would be able to complete this challenge just now, but Jackie had immediately proved them wrong.


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