No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2261

After secretly thinking about it, he spoke unwillingly. “Since Senior Brother Nelson isn’t badly wounded, you should take the time to meditate and recover. Why are you standing right now? If you need our help with anything, we will not refuse you.”

What he said did not sound enigmatic. Nelson chuckled softly and nodded at Griffin. Since he meant well, Nelson could not refute what he said. “There’s one small thing that I’m unable to make out. We sent 20 disciples here and why is there only 19 of us out here?” Everybody went silent after they heard Nelson’s question. They looked at one another and a weird look appeared in their eyes.

Griffin’s originally peaceful expression immediately turned gloomy as if he had swallowed a couple of dead flies. Nelson was extremely surprised when he saw the weird expressions on everybody’s faces. He turned around and looked at the crowd. At this moment, he suddenly realized who was the one that had disappeared.

“Where’s Jackie? I saw him stepping onto the Divine Void Slope with my own eyes. Why don’t I see him now? Did something happen to him?” Nelson asked with a slight nervousness.

The others had an even weirder expression on their faces when they heard his questions. After five to six breaths later, Riv interrupted the silence and pointed to the spot beside him. “Look at this empty spot beside me, do you still remember who stood here previously?”

Nelson looked towards where Riv was pointing at and thought about it. He immediately realized. “This is Jackie’s position! Where is he?!”

Nelson had a sudden realization after he spoke. He immediately asked. “He’s still in the blood world?!” He did not notice how hoarse and the tremble in his voice as he spoke.

Riv sighed softly and nodded. “He’s still inside and I’m sure he’s still fighting!” Nelson’s expression instantly changed when he heard this. Even his breathing became uneven. He looked forward following where Jackie originally stood and saw that two out of the four Divine Void Warriors covered in the red light had disappeared!

Compared to the others, Nelson clearly knew what this meant. Jackie had killed at least 60 corpse puppets and this was comparable to his results. Jackie had even killed more corpse puppets compared to himself! Jackie was so strong that even he was not Jackie’s opponent? However, wasn’t Jackie only in the intermediate stage of the innate level? Nelson grew increasingly surprised the more he thought about it. The corners of his mouth slightly trembled. “Is it really Jackie? How many more people are still in the blood world?”

Riv had been paying attention to the people in the blood world. Together with the discussion everybody had just now, he was capable of repeating who was still killing in the blood world right now. “There are still five people inside the blood world. Among the five of them, two of them are disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion while the other two are disciples from the Corpse Pavilion. The last one is Jackie from our Dual Sovereign Pavilion. The disciples from the other sects had already gotten rid of three obstacles. This meant that they have killed at least 90 corpse puppets. They will be able to pass the challenge if they kill 30 more corpse sects.”


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