No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2260

Nelson felt that he was in such an embarrassing state right now. His true energy had been completely exhausted and there were so many wounds on his body. If the blood world hadn’t detected that he was no longer capable of fighting, he might die on the spot the next second. He was unable to fight after trying his best to kill 60 corpse puppets. After exhausting his true energy, he cut off the arm of a corpse puppet.

He still remembered the last thing he saw in the blood world. The corpse puppet’s arm was sent flying into the sky and he also fell into despair Nobody understood his situation more than himself at that moment. He did not have the support of true energy and was badly wounded. He was prepared for the worse. Fortunately, he was transported back to the Divine Void Slope at the crucial moment. These thoughts flashed through his mind and he exhaled deeply. Although he was safe now, he was still terrified by what happened.

The Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples looked towards Nelson worryingly. Nelson was the leader of their team on this trip into the Secret Place for Resources. The other disciples from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion admired him for his strength, sense of responsibility and great talents. They also respected him greatly after this trip.

“Senior Brother Nelson, have some pills to recover your wounds.” Riv reminded Nelson when he saw that Nelson was only sitting there in silence, deep in his own thoughts. He knew that Nelson was definitely wounded in the blood world from how he looked. After all, they were in a completely unfamiliar environment and nobody knew what they would encounter the next moment. The best way to deal with such emergencies was to keep themselves in an optimal state.

Nelson was stunned for a short while before he finally reacted. He looked up and smiled at Riv before retrieving a pill from his storage ring and swallowing it. The medicinal power instantly started working in his body, assisting him in healing his damaged meridians and other internal wounds. He slowly closed his eyes and performed seals with his hands. After 15 minutes, he opened his eyes after he successfully suppressed his internal wounds. He subconsciously looked around as what he cared the most about right now was the safety of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples.

A total of 20 Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples entered the Secret Place for Resources but there were only 19 of them there at that moment. Nelson was surprised and worried at the same time. Was it possible that one of them was wounded and had been transported out of the Divine Void Slope? Could it be that something else happened?

He stood up and asked Riv. “Junior Brother Riv, how Is everybody?” Riv slightly nodded. “Everybody is fine. Apart from you, nobody else is wounded.” Nelson was slightly relaxed after he heard what Riv said. Was it possible that he had calculated wrongly? He must have calculated wrongly and there were 20 people, including himself.

He once again raised his head at this moment and looked towards all the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples. After another calculation, he confirmed that there were 19 of them, including himself. Who was the person that had not appeared on the Divine Void Slope? Was that person in danger? As his imagination was running wild, the other Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples had started speaking with Nelson. They asked him about his wounds and if he needed the help of pills.

Nelson replied with a smile on his face. “I’m fine now. Although I’m wounded, it isn’t anything serious. I only need to rest for a couple of hours and I will be able to suppress my wounds.”

Griffin glanced at Nelson. Although he was extremely reluctant, Nelson was the leader of this trip to the Secret Place for Resources and he was quite prestigious. If he kept quiet when everybody else complemented and greeted him, he would stand out among the crowd. This would also cause outsiders to suspect that he was doing badly in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.


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