No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2259

A cold look flashed past the masked man’s eyes. He raised his head and looked towards the last 11 corpse puppets. At this moment, the number of corpse puppets left was no threat to him. However, the masked man was not relieved. After all, the more corpse puppets he slaughtered, the crazier the remaining corpse puppets became. He tried his best to control the consumption of his true energy, but his true energy was almost exhausted as the corpse puppets grew increasingly crazy.

“This is so f*cking difficult!” The masked man could not help but have an outburst of profanity!

The dozen of people still fighting independently in the blood world were facing their challenges respectively and none of them had a relaxing time. There were too many enemies and it fulfilled the saying, they would exhaust the enemy even if they couldn’t kill these challengers! These corpse puppets used up the challenger’s true energy!

“Huff…” Jackie exhaled deeply. With a step of his feet, he retreated 10meters away. The group of corpse puppets had already pounced towards where he originally stood while waving their claws and fangs.

“I’m not in the mood to waste time with you guys!” Jackie mumbled. He had already learned everything he needed to know. As time passed, he had also wasted a lot of his true energy. However, the difference between him and the others was that his true energy was used on the law of space. The use of Destroying the Void did not exhaust much of Jackie’s true energy.

A layer of grayish-black mist covered the black sword. It felt like there was some sort of accelerant slowly burning on the sword. Jackie frowned and stepped forward before slashing his sword towards five corpse puppets nearest to him. The sharp sword aura tore through the corpse puppets’ skin before the power of Destroying the Void wiggled into their body via the wound.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Another five corpse puppets fell to the ground. Jackie did not look towards the bodies and once again raised his sword to continue attacking! It was another wave of noises before six more corpse puppets dropped down. The power of Destroying the Void was performing to its greatest extent in the blood world. A martial skill focusing on the souls made the fight against corpse puppets incredibly easy.

The strong defensive power was a nightmare to the martial artists. However, this was nothing to Jackie. After all, the soul was incredibly weak and like a piece of paper that he could tear at any time.

On the Divine Void Slope, the remaining 160 people were looking at the places where those who hadn’t been transported back originally stood in silence. They had a complicated look in their eyes when they looked at those empty spots. It seemed to be a mixture of regrets, laments, enviousness and jealousy. These people had yet to be transported out until now. This meant that they were still capable of fighting. Even the weakest person killed at least 60 corpse puppets. By now, nobody dared question the talents and capabilities of those who remained.

“Ah! A loud cry could be heard followed by a silent thud, Nelson dropped heavily to the ground. At this moment, Nelson was extremely embarrassed and no longer looked like a handsome young man. If his face wasn’t quite clean, the others would have thought that he was some random beggar. His white shirt had been torn into strips by the puppet’s claws and the others could see the bloody claw prints on his body behind the strips. There were also marks left behind by the puppet’s fangs. His hair that was originally tied up was now scattered around his shoulder. He looked extremely pitiful as his face was flushed and swollen.

The disciples from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion immediately asked when they saw Nelson’s embarrassing state. “Senior Brother Nelson, are you alright? Have you been terribly wounded?” Nelson smiled bitterly and his wounds started hurting as he tugged the corners of his mouth.


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