No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2257

Kill the most corpse puppets with the least amount of power! By reducing the flow of true energy, the attack power also becomes weaker and the speed of killing the enemy naturally slows down. The same scenes are presented together during different character worlds.

Not only was the masked-man facing a dramatic depletion of his true energy, but Graham Eliot also had the same worry, as his internal true energy was also quite depleted, but there were still eighty or ninety corpse puppets in front of him, staring at him intently.

Graham took a long breath and made the same choice as the masked man, lowering the consumption of true energy in his body. Their goal was to complete the pass, not to frantically kill the corpse puppets in front of them!

As time passed, more and more people, from the blood world, were seriously injured and then transferred back to the Divine Void Slope, and gradually only ten people remained in the blood world.

Each of these ten people, apart from Jackie, was the best within the Clan association. Both their talent and strength were the best! At this time, at Nelson Lester’s location, one of the divine warriors in front of him had also finally disappeared.

This meant that Nelson had successfully killed thirty corpse puppets. His performance could be considered both expected and unexpected.

Nelson was originally thought to be the strongest of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, but now, it seems that although he is indeed quite strong, he is not the strongest one in the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

Jackie had killed thirty long ago, and now he still hadn’t been transferred out, which proved that he was persisting, or he was still killing!

Griffin muttered, “Why hasn’t he come out yet? It’s not fair!”

When saying these words, Griffin was in a bit of a trance, he was really struck nowadays, Howard Olsen spoke worriedly as soon as he saw this look of his brother “Are you alright brother? Don’t think too much, maybe that guy…”

Howard suddenly paused, in fact, he did not know what words he should use to comfort Griffin at this time, after all, he knew it better than anyone else in his heart.

The grudge between his brother and Jackie could never be resolved, the two of them did not like each other, and they both wanted each other to suffer a miserable death, and with their opponents getting stronger and stronger, no one would be in a good mood.

Even if others said the most comforting words, he wouldn’t feel better, “Look guys! The disciples of the Corpse Pavilion have already killed ninety corpse puppets, and he only has one last obstacle left!”

The last obstacle represented the last divine warrior enveloped by the crimson glow. There were four divine warriors in total, and he had already cleared three of them.

There was only one left, still insisting on standing far away! Since so many had already been defeated, that last was no longer considered an obstacle.

The remaining thirty corpse puppets were too simple for the masked man to kill! The masked man was about to complete this seemingly impossible mission.

At this moment, a Thousand Leaves Pavilion disciple shouted, “My brother Graham has also killed ninety corpse puppets!”

At this point, the eyes of the crowd looked back to where Graham had been before, and indeed as he had said, the divine warrior in front of him also left one!


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