No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2256

“Brother Griffin is right, Brother Jackie is good at escaping, but I just have a question in my mind, can brother Griffin answer it for me? Is killing the corpse puppet something that can be done if you can only run fast?”

The question was asked sharply, or maybe it was not a question at all, and everyone here knew the answer to how it could be possible to kill corpse puppets by just running away.

Everyone knows that the corpse puppet’s defense is amazing. To break the corpse puppet’s defense and to make the corpse puppet lose its fighting ability, one must have superb attacking energy, which most of the people there cannot do.

Even if someone managed to do it, it would be impossible to do so under the swarm attack of the corpse puppets! Griffin’s expression was no different from eating shit, these words from Riv were to accuse him.

After all, just now Griffin had rambled on, describing Jackie badly and thinking that the only reason he had not come out was that he was good at escaping.

Griffin was breathing heavily, obviously, he could not answer this question from Riv, no matter what he said it would be self-defeating, Griffin hated Jackie even more in his heart.

He found that as long as he was against Jackie, no matter what, he would be the one to lose out. Théo was also expressionless and did not say anything.

The masked man in the blood world, holding a machete, kept slashing at the corpse puppets that stretched out their sharp claws toward him. Lightning flashed above the machete as if the machete had been soaked in thunder clouds for thousands of years.

The lightning on the blade flashed purple-black, and every corpse puppet that lunged at him would be cut open by the lightning’s defense.


Like lightning striking the ground, every time the masked-man swung his machete, a purple-black thunderbolt struck on these corpse puppets.

The skins of corpse puppets were struck, turned black and rotted. The thunder energy restrained evil spirits, and these corpse puppets belonged to evil creatures, so under the strong attack of the thunder energy, the corpse puppets’ bodies were blown apart with black blood marks everywhere.

Two more corpse puppets, under the constant slashing of the machete, fell at the feet of the masked man, who spat out coldly, “Eighty-five!”

This was already the eighty-fifth corpse puppet he had killed, and by now the ground was already covered with the dead bodies of corpse puppets, some of which were blown to pieces, while others only had an arm, or a leg left.

The masked man was breathing heavily, the true energy flowing in his vessel was already getting thinner and thinner, although the masked man’s strength was much stronger than a normal person, and his talent was even more powerful than the others but no matter what, he was only at the final stage of innate level.

Even if his cultivation once reached the spring solidifying level, he had after all suppressed his cultivation because he had to enter the Secret Place for Resources. So now he could not exert the energy he had when he was a complete victory.

The result of constantly making moves was that the true energy was frantically flowing away, and he noticed that the more corpse puppets he killed, the more ferocious the remaining corpse puppets attacked!

At this moment, the corpse puppets in front of him had gone completely mad, and the blood color between their eyes was becoming more and more intense. Now the masked man was standing in front of these corpse puppets, just like a fresh and delicious piece of fat meat shown in front of the hungry beasts.

They pounced madly, regardless of life or death! The masked man’s brow furrowed as he pointed his toes and frantically retreated, now that he had less than sixty percent of his true energy in his body, he could not waste any bit of it.


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