No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2255

After Theo said that, many people whispered, and some deliberately not lowering their voices, as if to be heard by the disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

“A disciple at the intermediate stage of innate level, even if he is strong, how strong can he be? Using such tactics to prove his talent, he thinks everyone else is stupid! Does the Dual Sovereign Pavilion have no one else? How dare they let a disciple who is at the intermediate stage of innate level come into the Secret Place for Resources to die?”

After hearing these sarcastic words, the faces of the disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, except for Griffin, reddened, as if someone had slapped them hard in their face twice.

Some of the disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion then began to resent Jackie. It was all because this brat loved to show off and dragged them along with him to be mocked.

Griffin, however, was smiling and was in two very different states from the other disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. He was so happy to hear others humiliate Jackie that he could not applaud those people and make them say more.

Anyway, in Griffin’s mind, the reputation of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion was nothing, and when he saw that the crowd did not go on, Griffin wanted to add a few more words to the story.

Just then, someone from the surroundings suddenly said, “You guys, look at where Jackie was before! The divine warrior in front of him has also disappeared!”

These words were like a bolt from the blue, exploding in Griffin’s ears as he jerked his head up to look at the spot where Jackie had been standing before.

Just as the man had said, the divine warrior, who should have been standing straight with the weapons in hand, had disappeared at some point.

This scene was quickly seen by everyone. Those who had just mocked Jackie and only knew how to run away, instantly felt like a hundred big flies were stuffed in their mouths, unable to say a word.

Theo looked like someone had choked his throat, his face swelling red with breathlessness, unable to believe what he was seeing.

Riv laughed and said, “It seems that it was brother Jackie who killed thirty corpse puppets, and I don’t know who just said that brother Jackie only knew how to escape in the blood world. Those who said that brother Jackie only knew how to pretend, did they kill thirty corpse puppets just like brother Jackie?!”

These few words were like a sounding slap in the faces of those who had just mocked Jackie, many of them had never even entered the blood world.

Although the others had entered the blood world, it was impossible to kill the thirty corpse puppets. Even though the cultivation level of those corpse puppets was only at the initial stage of innate level and did not know how to use martial arts.

However, the number of one hundred and twenty Corpse puppets was too many, and such a large number was completely beyond the tolerance of these people.

During the battle, not only did they have to kill the corpse puppets in front of them, but they also had to prevent the rest of the corpse puppets from striking at them, and very few of them lasted under the swarm attack.

In their eyes, to kill thirty corpse puppets was not something ordinary people could do. If someone of extraordinary strength had killed thirty corpse puppets, they could accept it.

However, a disciple at the intermediate stage of innate level, who was not even a chosen disciple, had done it. He was obviously stronger than all of them there, which undoubtedly hit their self-confidence.

Riv’s voice was like a pervasive sharp sword, viciously piercing the hearts of Theo and Griffin.


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