No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2254

Griffin now had decided that the reason why Jackie could last so long in the blood world was that he was good at escaping and dodging attacks, rather than because of how strong he was.

This explanation was acceptable to the crowd mainly because it was influenced by Jackie’s cultivation and status.

Many people who were far above Jackie in both cultivation and status were very reluctant to believe that someone like Jackie would be stronger than them and could stay within the blood world for longer than they had!

The words from Griffin seemed to have resonated with the crowd.

“This brother is right. If a person is good at running away, they indeed can stay in that world for a long time, but this kind of behavior, apart from being able to hang around in that world for a longer period of time, does not have any other effect.”

“Right, it’s just an act of appearing to be better than others, a completely futile act, others are in the blood world, wholeheartedly dealing with corpse puppets, but he’s in the world, full of himself trying to make a reputation in front of everyone.”

Many people were not impressed with Jackie and had no grudges against him, so they did not speak as bluntly as Jackie’s enemies.

However, the meaning of these words had politely expressed that they greatly despised what Jackie had done in the blood world, but it was just to fight for that reputation that he had done such a meaningless act.

What was the point of staying in that world for a long time? None of the divine warriors in front of us had disappeared, so what was the point of running even fast enough?

“Look, you guys! The second divine warrior in front of the disciple of the Corpse Pavilion has also disappeared!”

One hundred and twenty corpse puppets, each thirty representing a divine warrior, the disappearance of two divine warriors proves that the masked man in the blood world had killed at least sixty corpse puppets!

The crowd was very surprised after seeing this scene. Many people looked with envious admiration at the position where the masked man had been before.

He used his own strength to prove that the disciple of the Corpse Pavilion was indeed overpoweringly talented! The more prominent the masked man’s performance was, the more the others’ shortcomings were set off.

Some people said a few more sarcastic words, it’s the same as staying in the blood world for such a long time, but some people were able to kill 60 corpse puppets, others who gained an advantage by trickery did not even kill 30 corpse puppets. How long do you think that guy, Jackie, is going to run around in the blood world?” After saying this, he could not hold back a snort of laughter, his laughter filled with sarcasm and mockery.

After hearing this, Theo Garfield could not help but laugh and hurriedly said aloud, “Perhaps in order to prove his strength, even the disciple of the Corpse Pavilion ran out after completing the mission, he didn’t even bother to come out of it.”

“It’s the only way to prove that he’s been able to stay in the blood world long enough to be stronger and more talented than us.”

That last word was full of insincerity, clearly a rhetorical statement, but it also aroused indignation within the crowd.

Although Theo’s words were full of animosity, one had to say that this matter was very likely to happen. If that man was good at escaping, he was certainly doing everything he could to stay in that world for a longer period.


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