No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2253

Theo already saw Riv as his enemy. “Jackie did kill the Divine warrior before, but what does that prove? That move might have been the energy that Jackie had gained by overdrawing his own life energy to show off!

“It is well known that in this world, there are secret methods to gaining great energy by overdrawing one’s life!”

After hearing this, Griffin nodded strongly and deliberately raised his voice so that all those around him could hear it clearly.

“Theo Brother is right, that guy is only in the intermediate stage of innate level. Among all the people here, he is the only one in the intermediate stage of innate level, yet the strength he had displayed exceeds more than fifty percent of the people here! What gave him such talent, he’s just an elder disciple! He must have used a life-draining secret method, to be recognized and praised by others!

This kind of slanderous words can be casually said by Griffin, and he said it with justification as if they were true. After listening to that, the people around him also felt what he said was very reasonable.

Jackie was just in the intermediate stage of innate level. Among the more than 180 people here, only Jackie was in that stage, and all the others, without exception, had the cultivation of the final stage of innate level.

However, when facing the second divine warrior, he had displayed a strength that surprised everyone, overpowered fifty percent of the people here, which had people wondering if Jackie had used some secret technique?

Otherwise, Jackie possessed superb talent. Griffin said that Jackie was only an elder disciple among the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, not even a chosen disciple, and that was enough proof that Jackie did not have the talent to become a Chosen disciple!

“It seems that this man really doesn’t care about anything for the sake of his own reputation, he even used a secret technique that drains his life energy to boost his attack energy, I think he got his head caught in a big iron gate!”

“Brother is right, people would not normally do this self-destructive thing. Things like extending one’s life energy or overdrawing one’s body are secret techniques that can’t be used easily at the cost of draining the future. The guy has no qualms about being able to gain a reputation in front of everyone! This really opened my eyes.”

After these words, the crowd already saw Jackie as a guy who was in over his head. Riv narrowed his eyes, although he did not get to know Jackie well before, he did not want to hear the disciples of other sects, vilifying the disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

He is not the type of person like Griffin who for the sake of his own interests, has no regard for the face o f the Dual Sovereign Pavilion.

He coughed softly and said loudly, “If he really used the secret technique of overdrawing his life energy and future, then there is no way he could have stayed in the blood world for so long.”

“Once you have used this secret technique, you must finish the battle in a short time, and everyone knows that this secret technique has a time effect, it simply cannot sustain him until now!”

The explanation from Riv had just made the crowd rethink when a few words from Griffin brought them back to their initial thoughts.

“Didn’t I say it all before? This man is best at escaping, and since he is so prideful, he must have gone all out to stall for time to get attention from the public!”


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