No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2252

Riv did not have the opportunity before, but now that Griffin looked like this, Riv was relieved and could not help but to say sarcastic things back as Griffin did previously.

In turn, Griffin was so angry that his face turned red, and he fiercely turned his head to glare at Riv. His eyes were about to pop out of his eye socket, “What do you mean, Riv Jones! What is convincing or not! How do you know what my thoughts are?”

Riv snorted lightly, “Who doesn’t know what’s in your mind, those eyes of yours haven’t left the spot where Jackie was since you were transferred back from the blood world, you must especially want to see Jackie after he was severely injured and gets transferred back to the Divine Void Slope.”

Griffin raised his chin and said, “What does it matter to you whether I want to see it or not, this is not what anyone wants, and it will definitely happen. This guy has not come out because he is very fast and good at escaping.”

Jackie had an extraordinary performance on the gathering spot for roll call. In the beginning, Jackie did not fight Oliver Sayer directly but kept using his speed to avoid Oliver’s attack. The scene was clearly remembered by all present.

After Riv heard this, he had yet to open his mouth when Theo Garfield jumped ahead and said, “You mean Jackie’s escape speed was extremely fast?”

When he said that, there was suppressed excitement In his tone as if he had found the answer he had been looking for. Griffin nodded, he was not making this up as a reason to discredit Jackie.

Jackie was indeed exceptional in his escape skills, although he had never been moved to the Divine Void Slope, leaving Griffin more than a little unconvinced and resigned in his heart. However, he felt that Jackie was able to stay inside for a teatime, all thanks to his faster-than-average escape speed.

Theo let out a long breath of relief after seeing Griffin nod his head. He suddenly sneered, “I thought the guy was so outstanding in terms of strength and talent, but it turns out he’s just a guy who only knows how to run away.”

How could Riv not understand Theo’s state of mind today? Of course, he did not want to see Jackie show his extraordinary strength and talent. After all, the relationship between the two was already like water and fire. Seeing the enemy strong was like putting his heart on a blazing fire and steaming it.

Riv scorned Theo and said, “Theo, you feel relieved, but don’t you forget that at the second stage, Jackie didn’t use much strength at all to solve the second Divine warrior.”

These words were like a pot of cold water splashed on Theo’s head, and his face instantly turned ugly.

Griffin gazed coldly at Riv. “Just now when you shut up, I thought you were a man who suited the actions to the situation, but now it seems that you are equally over your head, what does Jackie’s strong strength have to do with you? You keep speaking up for him like that, is he going to think well of you?”

Riv cocked his head and replied indifferently, “It’s true that it doesn’t matter much to me, but I’m happy seeing you suffer.”

The moment he said this, the grudge between them became obvious. Griffin was so angry that his face turned purple, if there was not a space restriction, he would have rushed over and fought Riv.

When the other disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion saw the situation, they hurriedly spoke up to calm the two of them down while Nelson Lester was still fighting within the blood world.

In his absence as the leader, he could only let others step in to calm these disputes. Theo was most reluctant to have anyone praise Jackie, and the scene he would love to see was Jackie being spat out and stepped on by a thousand people fiercely.


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