No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2251

Slashing away with his sword, performing the Destroying the Void to its full extent, hitting the group of corpse puppets with no reservation,

Five or six corpse puppets were slashed with multiple wounds one after another. These wounds were not deep but covered a wide area, this was the effect Jackie wanted.

The corpse puppets have a strong defense, and if anyone else was standing there, the wound would not cause any substantial damage or render them incapacitated

However, Jackie was different, he did not rely on destroying their bodies to kill the corpse puppets.


The wounded corpse puppets, like a leopard that had been completely enraged, turned their heads violently and looked at Jackie who had suddenly appeared behind them.

They bared their razor-sharp teeth at Jackie then turned their bodies and rushed toward him, but at that moment, the corpse puppets suddenly seemed to be struck in the brain by a thunderbolt and could not move at all.

Their body swayed twice, as if it had lost all energy, and fell to the ground with a thud, losing its life.

The wounds on their bodies emitted gray-black smoke and made a sound like raw meat was being roasted, but there was nothing unusual about the wounds. It was not the body that burned and corroded, but the soul that controlled all their movements.

The moment these corpse puppets fell to the ground, Jackie’s eyes looked straight at them, as if his eyes were on the body of these corpse puppets.

As expected, there was a special energy in the corpse puppets, and when they died, a pale grey, smoke-like energy broke free from them. As if controlled by something, this energy was drawn away from the body of the corpse puppets in a flash and suddenly surged toward the west.

Jackie turned his head abruptly to see a familiar figure, still standing straight, directly west of his location. It was the Divine warrior!

The center where the gray energy converged was the body of the Divine Warrior. So, was it absorbed by him?

To verify if he was wrong, Jackie pointed his toes and once again rushed toward the group of corpse puppets, the black longsword in his hand would not swing, a sword light slashed at the group of corpse puppets, instantly at least ten corpse puppets were pierced through their bodies.

Fifteen soul swords converged to form a force that instantly broke through their outer skin and went straight into their inner souls, like a meat grinder, the only trace of soul left in the corpse puppet’s body was instantly churned to pieces by the Destroying the Void.

Ten more corpse puppets fell to the ground, and the gray energy was once again drawn from the bodies of the corpse puppets. The straightened body of the Divine Warrior absorbed all these energies into its body like an ocean that could not be filled.

Jackie narrowed his eyes, he craved for that power, but it was being absorbed cleanly by the Divine Warrior, which made him a little reluctant.

While the fights in the blood world were almost endless, outside, apart from the chatter, there was nothing but conflict between the Thousand Leaves Pavilion and Corpse Pavilion.

“How long has it been?” Griffin Olsen rushed to Howard Olsen and said anxiously.

Howard Olsen calculated the time in his mind. “I guess it takes time for a cup of tea, what’s wrong?”

Griffin Olsen felt a stone weighing down on his heart and took several deep breaths but instead made him feel even more uncomfortable.

‘That guy is still not coming out? How long was he going to stay there?’ When he thought of this, his eyes turned a little red.

Riv Jones glanced at Griffin Olsen and said with a light laugh, “What’s wrong? What else could your brother do? Probably seeing that Jackie hadn’t come out yet, he feels disconcerted.”

Riv and Griffin did not get along well with each other. Although Riv is the number one internal disciple, Griffin as a chosen disciple, still belittled him, but this was not a problem for Riv.

Griffin likes to talk nonsense, and every time he meets Riv, he says something sarcastic in a sinister way.


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