No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2250

It was a deep thirst as if his soul had smelled an alluring fragrance. This caused Jackie to be curious with a deep desire to figure it out!

He let out a deep breath as seals formed on his left hand. As he held back the zombie onslaught, he condensed a Soul Sword on his left hand!

Even though he had killed off twenty-five zombies, it was still an incredibly small amount from the hundred and twenty of them. It had only alleviated the pressure mildly. Before, Jackie retreated as he fought, and his skills were able to handle it.

Yet, now that he was gathering a Soul Sword as he fought, it got a bit more difficult. Seemingly sensing Jackie’s state at the moment, the waves of zombies suddenly rushed at him in a fervor.


They let out an animalistic roar as those red eyes stared right at Jackie’s throat. They bared those sharp teeth as if planning on biting Jackie with them.

In just a moment of distraction, fifty to sixty zombies had surrounded Jackie. A group of them lunged over with their claws. The nails that were the length of half a finger were incredibly sharp, and they were coming at Jackie from all directions!

Jackie frowned. The aura of blood and decay had captured him! The claws and teeth were already right in front of him. The surrounding zombies did not allow him any avenue of escape.

Even if Jackie blocked with all his might, there was no way for him to completely retreat. The sharp sword In his hand had a limited range of attack, and there was no way for him to cover every angle.

The situation he was in was something one would be able to deal with easily. Even the masked man would not be able to, but the masked man would not have allowed himself to be surrounded.

Being trapped like that was down to Jackie’s inexperience. His mind was racing as he condensed the Soul Sword, planning on a large-scale attack. The distraction was what caused him to be surrounded by the zombies!


The angry roars never stopped. The zombies seemed to have expected that Jackie would be ripped apart by them, and started to cry out as they lunged over without a care.

His clothes were ripped apart by the claws, and his skin was already bare. He could even feel the cold aura on those claws.

Jackie clenched his teeth, not using his sword to defend himself. Instead, he kept the sword and started to summon his true energy, moving the laws of space that he could.

With a woosh, Jackie disappeared from the spot. He appeared thirty feet away. His face was incredibly red at the moment like a cooked lobster. His forehead was full of sweat as he gulped subconsciously.

A piercing pain could be felt on his meridians, a sure sign of overusing his true energy. For him to use the laws of space to this degree, it would have needed a lot of true energy. Half his true energy had been used in one go.

However, it had still dealt with the immediate danger. If it had been anyone else in his situation, they would have been injured and eliminated!

Their speed and skill would not have mattered. The laws of space were different from speed martial arts. Transferring space meant directly shifting from one space to the other, rendering the enemy’s attack useless.

However, if one only had speed, they would still be injured if they were too slow!

The horde of zombies frantically charged toward where Jackie was, but due to Jackie dodging through the laws of space, the attacks were all useless!

For a moment, the zombies did not react at all. Jackie shouted loudly, “This is a good chance!”

With a step forward, he launched himself forward like an arrow, rushing over with sword in hand. At that moment, fifteen Soul Swords had already merged into the long black sword in Jackie’s hand. The black sword radiated a black glow and looked like a black hole that could swallow everything.


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