No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2249

The most loyal follower of the masked man, Zamian, was sent into a rage after hearing those words. His head snapped over, glaring furiously at the disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavillion.

“What does Graham even amount to? How could you even talk about him in the same sentence as our senior? The only reason the timing was close is just that he isn’t in a hurry to kill those zombies. No matter what, he enjoys observing the situation! He wasted some time on that, which is how Graham managed to catch up!”

Those words felt a bit like an incredibly forced explanation. Yet, Zamian seemed incredibly earnest as he said them. It was as if he would kill anyone who dared to retort.

The disciples from the third grade clans were naturally too afraid to get involved at that moment, However, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion was a fourth -grade clan, equal to the Corpse Pavilion in every way. Naturally, they refused to acknowledge Zamian’s insults.

“Can you just listen to your own words?! Don’t you think it’s a joke? The disciples of the Corpse Pavilion aren’t all that strong, but their ability to spout nonsense is on another level! You haven’t even seen how your senior is fighting, but you talk as if you’re looking at him!

“You dared to blindly claim that your senior likes to waste time observing the situation? Is this the proper occasion to waste time? Observing the situation needs the proper place for it. Being surrounded by so many zombies, is he waiting for his true energy to deplete and for himself to be injured by not clearing them up quickly?”

Those words were reasonable. The other disciples from the Thousands Leaves Pavilion immediately voiced their support. The two clans that did not have any conflict with one another were suddenly stuck in a tense relationship. If they were not restricted by their isolated spaces, they might have started a fight. Bloodshed would have been unavoidable.

Griffin and the others did not pay too much attention to the quarrel between the two sects. Instead, he was fixated on Jackie’s spot.

The spot was completely quiet. No one had been sent out. Griffin could not help but say, “How is this guy not thrown out yet?”

With a slash, a zombie’s claws reached out for Jackie’s arm. The sharp claws ripped his shirt, almost penetrating Jackie’s skin.

“Strange, how strange! I can clearly feel…the flow of energy! I just need a little bit of time to figure this out!” Jackie had a black sword in hand as he constantly slashed at the horde of zombies.

There were already twenty-five zombies on the ground. That was the result Jackie had gotten while deliberately slowing down his attacks.

Jackie did not do it for no reason, nor was he planning on slowly getting rid of those zombies. It was just that he could clearly feel the energy flowing out of the corpses before they were absorbed by something, heading somewhere else.

Before, on the Divine Void Slope, they had fought the second Divine warrior. The Divine warrior had split into two, and after killing the first one, the dead Divine warrior would form into purple energy that would flow into the other Divine warrior.

The transferring of energy in that manner was a natural phenomenon, and Jackie would normally not care about it.

However, Jackie could clearly feel something amiss about the movements of the energies from the zombies. That was because Jackie’s soul thirsted for power after feeling it.

It was as if the energy that flowed out of the zombies was not energy, but food for Jackie’s soul, and eating It would be very nutritious! That feeling was far too deep, so much so that Jackie could not dismiss it.


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