No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2248

“Wow! Amazing! That masked guy from the Corpse Pavilion is really something else. It’s not even been that long, and he’s already killed thirty zombies. The fourth Divine warrior in front of him has already disappeared.”

“It’s really impossible to compare ourselves with him. Before the battle started, some of us had already surrendered. In such a short time, so many people have been defeated and sent back. He thought no one would be able to pass, but now it looks like he underestimated those masters.”

The masked man’s original spot was similar to everyone else. Every thirty feet, there was a Divine warrior standing there with a weapon in hand. They were now facing the third Divine warrior and looking up, there were seven warriors. Of the seven, four were shrouded in a red glow.

The reason why everyone exclaimed in surprise was that the closest Divine warrior to him had suddenly disappeared. That meant that he had eliminated an obstacle, and killed thirty zombies.

Theo had been eliminated at around the same time as Griffin. Yet, the masked man actually managed to kill thirty zombies in such a short time while Theo had to surrender to his heavy injuries. The gap between them was immense.

His reddened eyes stared at the spot where the Divine warrior had disappeared. He pursed his lips tightly as his heart filled with jealousy and acceptance. He felt extremely horrible at that moment.

He knew that, as the best disciple from the Corpse Pavillion, the masked man would definitely have immense potential and skill. Yet, he never thought that he was not that far off from the masked man. Even though he could not defeat the masked man, he had assumed that their skills were close.

However, the reality that was displayed in front of him at that moment had proven otherwise. It showed him how naïve his thoughts were before, and showed him the gulf in their skills.

Griffin did not have a pretty look on his face either. Almost everyone present had a certain amount of confidence and pride in their skills, but that confidence and pride had been dealt a heavy blow.

As a chosen disciple, Griffin had thought that he had immense talent. Even though he was not as strong as the best-chosen disciple, it was not that big a difference. However, it was obvious that he was merely too ignorant.

Everyone who used to be confident in their abilities had suddenly suffered varying degrees of trauma.

“Look at Graham’s side! The Divine warrior in front of him has disappeared as well. Graham has also killed thirty zombies!” One of the disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion started cheering loudly as well.

As fourth-grade clans, both the Corpse Pavilion and the Thousand Leaves Pavilion were about equal in power. With the masked man performing so well, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion was naturally not willing to fall behind

After the person’s realization, the other disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavilion cheered as well.

“Graham is so strong. He’s not even in the first place among the chosen disciples of our clan, but he’s only a little slower than that masked man!”

When the disciples of the Corpse Pavilion heard that, their expressions changed. Why were those Thousand Leaves Pavilion disciples not content to just praise their own fellow disciple, but tried to mock the Corpse Pavilion as well?

It was obvious that the Thousand Leaves Pavilion was claiming that, despite the fact that Graham was not the strongest among them, he had only narrowly lost out in time to the strongest disciple from the Corpse Pavilion


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