No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2247

Griffin could hear Howard’s concerned voice.

Griffin’s internal organs were a mess at that moment, having suffered internal injuries. There was a burning pain in his back. His brother’s voice had pulled him back from his muddled thoughts, and he barely managed to force himself to sit up.

He saw Howard a few dozen feet away from him, looking at him with concern and widened eyes. The people around him were also shooting him with uncertain looks.

Just as he was about to say something, a red glow landed on his body, indicating that Griffin had failed.

He had actually lost and failed miserably at the third stage. He had only managed to kill two zombies before ending up in this state! His heart refused to accept it!

Everyone on the Divine Void Slope was actually in their own isolated spaces. Even though they could see where each other was and could converse, they were still unable to interact or jump out of their own spaces.

All Howard could do despite Griffin collapsing from internal injuries was to ask about him. Howard was unable to run over to help his brother up.

Griffin let out a long sigh, “This stage was far too difficult. A hundred and twenty zombies rushing at us! There’s no way to win!”

Even though Griffin was very confident with his own skills, the difficulty of that stage had far exceeded Griffin’s imagination. All he could do was complain about it!

Griffin was not the first to fail. Other than those who had surrendered before the battle even started, there were also quite a few who had fallen to the hordes of zombies in the battle. After being determined to have failed, they were all sent back to the Divine Void Slope.

Every single one of them had suffered varying degrees of injuries. Some of them were the strongest chosen disciples of their clan. Even the chosen disciple of the Thousand Leaves Pavilion had failed.

They started to discuss among themselves. “Will a single person even pass this stage? A hundred and twenty zombies are all at the initial stage of the innate level. Killing those zombies requires them to destroy their bodies. The zombies specialize in defense in the first place, it’s insanely difficult!

“Other than the strongest disciples from a clan, there’s no way to pass!”

“That’s right! Even though passing this stage eliminates four Divine warriors, there will still be one to follow! This stage is far too hard, so what about the stages in the future?”

“I really don’t know if anyone will be able to obtain the treasures at the peak of the Divine Void Slope!”

Thinking about that, they could not stop themselves from feeling defeated. Griffin slowly stood up, looking over at where Jackie was supposed to be. Jackie was not there, which meant that Jackie was still fighting in that world.

The masked man frowned. The machete in his hand was like a scythe wielded by the grim reaper as it constantly slashed at the zombies. The power of lightning condensed on the machete, exploding inside the bodies of the zombies.

After a few explosions, several zombies were blown apart, their organs littered on the ground. The masked man was incredibly quick.

His martial arts were already at the Earth level, which proved more than enough to eliminate those zombies.

However, the zombies were incredibly resilient. Killing them needed him to exert his powers, injecting lightning into the bodies before detonating It inside the zombies.

Even though the true energy in his body was constantly being depleted, it was still all under his control! His attacks were incredibly quick, and the lightning condensed on his machete, constantly injecting itself into the zombies.

After exploding inside the zombie’s bodies, the lightning blew the corpses into pieces!

Even in the blood-red world where Graham was at, he still showed off his impressive skills, cutting down the zombies in front of him one by one.

He was quick as always! His sword constantly pierced the zombies! The battle in the blood-red world continued, but the Divine Void Slope was very noisy as well.


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