No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2246

Anyone who used long-ranged attacks would have an absolute advantage during the second stage, and soul attribute martial arts had the most long-ranged attacks.

Facing the hundred and twenty zombies, in the same way, those who trained in soul attribute techniques would only need minimal effort to deal with those zombies.

The more Jackie fought, the more he felt climbing the Divine Void Slope was practically a piece of cake for those who used the soul attribute.

However, for those who trained in other ways, it was full of difficulty. Each advancement was filled with burdens. Thinking about that, Jackie could not help but narrow his eyes.

The sword in his hand constantly danced. Those red eyed zombies constantly charged at Jackie. One by one, they fell in front of Jackie, even though they had charged together and had the absolute advantage in numbers.

The zombies did not use any techniques and merely used their true energy to attack at close distances, Unless their attacks fell on Jackie, there would not be that much damage

Jackie twisted the laws of space, attacking the zombies as he avoided their attacks. He would then use Destroying the Void to render the zombies useless!

Killing the zombies was quite easy! Compared to how relaxed Jackie was, the others were having trouble killing off the zombies.

“Haha, come, I’ll kill all of you!” Jackie’s laugh carried a hint of craziness.

“What, what’s up with that guy? Why is it so easy for him?”

The others were filled with admiration in their hearts. They were already at their wit’s end trying to handle the zombies.

With so many zombies rushing toward them, killing a zombie relied on completely incapacitating the zombies. They did not have any soul attribute martial arts or skills.

Unable to destroy the aura in the zombies, they were forced to destroy the zombie’s bodies. However, the zombies had incredibly strong defenses, so destroying a body required a lot of power!

Griffin spat out a mouthful of blood. He held back the attacks from the zombies as he put his life on the line, stabbing the bone in his hand into the bodies!

Griffin felt a sense of hopelessness. Even though his bone managed to pierce into the zombies, it did not incapacitate the zombies.

Those zombies did not feel pain! Only by destroying their hands or slicing their bodies in half would the zombies lose all ability to fight.

Killing one or two was fine, but facing so many of them, Griffin had an incredibly difficult time. About five minutes had passed, but Griffin had only dealt with two zombies!

With a crack, he snapped a handoff a zombie. However, Griffin had been focused on attacking, neglecting his defense. He ended up suffering a claw to the back from another zombie. After a wail of agony from Griffin, the zombie left a claw mark on Griffin’s back! Red blood stained Griffin’s clothes.

Griffin’s face reddened in pain as he spat out a mouthful of blood!


Another zombie attacked Griffin’s stomach. Griffin was sent flying.

Like a kite that had lost its string, Griffin flew in mid -air before he slammed onto the ground. At that moment, his vision flashed as the space around him changed. When he reopened his eyes, he had already been sent back to the Divine Void Slope. “Griffin! Are you alright?”


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