No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2245

Jackie narrowed his eyes. If he killed the hundred and twenty zombies in front of him, it would be the same as clearing four Divine warriors in one go. Finishing this challenge would lead him straight past the sixth Divine warrior!

It was a simple enough thought, but it felt like the difficulty had just increased greatly!

The hundred and twenty zombies had started to pull out their own weapons. They seemed to have been awakened by a system, and all of them had their own expressions and goals. They clenched their teeth as if they wanted to rip Jackie apart.

“A hundred and twenty of them attacking together?” Jackie’s heart pounded.

He had thought that they would have at least gotten a chance to rest in between even if they were supposed to kill a hundred and twenty zombies. He had thought that they would have at least advanced In waves. Yet, with how unified their actions were, it seemed like they would charge at him together.

Even Jackie would have some trouble facing the attacks from so many zombies. However, he no longer had the will to think too much about it.


A hundred and twenty zombies all said at the same time.

The next second, all of the zombies charged right at Jackie, looking like they were hungry for a taste of flesh.

Jackie had a cold look on his face as he pulled out a jetblack sword from Mustard Seed.

With a stab, the blade pierced into the chest of a zombie. With the power to pierce through the void, it easily destroyed the weak soul energy within the zombie after piercing through its skin.

With another slash, another zombie’s arm was slashed apart by Jackie. The spiritual power surged into the zombie’s inner body and killed it off.

Destroying the Void had always been a spiritual attack, so it naturally had an advantage against spirits.

Zombies might be corpses, but zombies still required a certain amount of aura to be controlled.

A zombie’s specialty was its strong defense. However, once their outer defenses were pierced through, just a slight gap was enough to completely destroy the aura within the zombie!

Without the control of aura, the zombies were just like toys without any batteries!

Jackie was incredibly cute. He did not bother completely destroying the zombies. As long as he pierced through their defenses, Destroying the Void would invade the inner body of the zombies, destroying the aura which was equal to killing off a zombie!

Bang bang bang!

Another three zombies had been dealt with by Destroying the Void after piercing through their defenses!

It was actually much easier than Jackie had thought. In just a moment, Jackie had killed off ten zombies. That was even after he deliberately held back his speed.

Despite letting out a sigh of relief, Jackie was still full of suspicions. Why did Jackie always feel like the challenges were all practically designed for him to pass with ease?

Practically all of the challenges were tailored for cultivators that focused on aura. Facing the first Divine warrior, spiritual cultivators naturally held the advantage. After all, spiritual martial arts naturally needed a strong aura.


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