No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2244

“Surely they won’t eliminate everyone by the fourth stage, right? If that’s the case, wouldn’t all this have been for nothing?”

“Who knows… However, I think your thoughts are reasonable!”

The more they discussed, the more questions they had. Whether or not there would be anyone who can complete this challenge, whether or not anyone would be able to obtain the rewards at the top of the Divine Void Slope. Everyone felt that it was impossible with the difficulty that had been shown.

If that was the case, then it would have all been for naught.

Just as everyone was talking about it, the wizened voice could be heard again, “There are a total of a hundred and twenty zombies. Killing thirty means clearing one obstacle, which is equal to defeating one Divine warrior. Killing a hundred and twenty zombies is equal to defeating four Divine warriors.”

Saying that countless Divine warriors suddenly appeared on the Divine Void Slope. Those Divine warriors lined up on the Divine Void Slope in order. A Divine warrior appeared every thirty feet, in total there were seven Divine warriors in front of every person.

Four of the Divine warriors in front of every one were surrounded by a red light. Everyone was shocked to see the sight.

A rumble of discussions started.

“So that means if they kill a hundred and twenty zombies, it would be equal to defeating four Divine warriors. If that’s the case, it’s quite reasonable, there’s still a chance for someone to get the reward!”

“Why are the four Divine warriors covered in a red glow? What does it mean?” Someone asked in confusion

Some of the smarter folks began to explain, “Didn’t that voice say that killing thirty zombies is equal to clearing an obstacle? The obstacles refer to the Divine warriors in front of them. Every thirty zombies those challengers kill will probably cause one of the Divine warriors with a red glow to disappear. It’s the same as when we got past the Divine warriors and them disappearing afterward.”

With an explanation like that, everyone started to understand. It was already the third stage. Looking forward from the third stage, there were naturally seven more Divine warriors.

There were a hundred and eighty people who entered the Secret Place for Resources. There were less than ninety people who advanced to the third stage. The first two stages had gotten rid of over half of the participants, so it was obvious how difficult the challenges were

The third stage was another large obstacle. Only a few would be able to pass.

There were still some who did not understand the rules, and started to ask, “If that’s the case, wouldn’t killing thirty zombies mean you’ve passed? After all, killing thirty zombies represents killing a Divine warrior.”

“Of course not!” Howard loudly denied the man’s question.

Possibly because he was embarrassed for surrendering, Howard would not allow anyone to claim that it was so easy to pass after understanding the rules.

Howard explained somewhat emotionally, “The old voice said earlier, the key to passing the challenge lies in finding the Divine warrior in the world. Finding it means they would need to clear all obstacles in front of them and arrive in front of the Divine warrior. That means that passing this stage requires killing a hundred and twenty zombies.”

Howard’s words were incredibly firm, adamant in making sure that everyone understood.

When he said those words, quite a few people fell silent. Everyone seemed to mumble in their hearts that this stage was far too hard. Killing a hundred and twenty zombies in one go. Just surviving them would have been an incredible feat, let alone killing them.

After all, each of those zombies was already at the initial stage of the innate level. One of those was still fine, but a hundred and twenty of them caused them to shiver just thinking about it.

Those who had been transported into the blood-red world had heard the old voice as well. They were all smart people. Just thinking about it for a moment led them all to understand the key to passing.


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