No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2243

It was impossible to even think about. This was an impossible task to complete!

Those thoughts were not just in Jackie’s mind. The same scene appeared in front of everyone who was challenging the third Divine warrior.

Each and everyone in the third stage was transported into their own isolated spaces. Each isolated space had the exact same scene. Over a hundred zombies stood in front of them, emitting the same vicious aura from their bodies!

Griffin looked at the zombies in front of him and subconsciously gulped. The sword he held tightly in his hand shook as he trembled slightly.

“How could this… Am I supposed to kill all these zombies? How…is this even possible?” Griffin was almost rendered speechless. Facing such a challenge, he could not hold back from voicing out his fears.

Griffin’s brother, Howard, had only barely passed the second stage after using all his power and had even gotten injured because of it. Facing so many zombies, he had lost all the courage in his heart!

If they start to fight, he did not even know if he could hold the first wave back. It was too terrifying!

The zombies were all at the initial stage of the innate level. He ranked eighth among the disciples from the Twin Sovereign Pavillion. He was at the tail end of the masters gathered there, so just being able to reach the third stage was already quite a feat for him.

“I surrender!” Howard shouted loudly. He did not know if it would work or not, but he really did not have the courage to face so many zombies, it was too terrifying!

With a whoosh, a ray of light covered Howard’s whole body after Howard admitted defeat. The next second, a familiar place appeared in front of him. He was back at his original spot in the Divine Void Slope.

An orange light hit his body, representing the fact that Howard was already eliminated. He had a sense of helplessness in his heart but felt quite relieved.

Thankfully, it was still possible to surrender. If it had not been possible even if he shouted his throat coarse, then he would have been faced with horrifying attacks. If his cries had been ignored, he might even suffer from heavy injuries or lost his life.

Howard was the first to be eliminated in the third stage. After that, a few figures were sent back as well. Those who were eliminated all had practically the same sentiments as Howard. All of them had some regret but also felt quite relieved.

Those who were eliminated in the first and second stages were all filled with curiosity when they saw the people from the third stage disappear before being sent back. All of them asked what they saw, and what the third stage involved. They also asked why those participants have suddenly been transported away and transported back.

After the information was spread, everyone knew that over a hundred zombies appeared on the third stage. Even though the ones sent back were all those without the courage to fight, no one dared to laugh at them. That was because no one knew if the hundred over zombies would have attacked all at once.

If that was the case, unless they were incredibly strong, it would be incredibly difficult to hold off the horde, and their lives would even be at stake.

One of the disciples from the Twin Sovereign Pavilion who had been eliminated in the second stage could not help but curse, “That… that’s far too difficult. It’s only the third stage. Getting to the peak requires us to face nine Divine warriors! It’s just the third stage, and it’s already so difficult!”

Someone immediately said, “That’s right! This is absolutely…unreasonable.”


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