No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2242

At that intense anxious moment, the sound of howling winds filled his ears. Anyone would be able to figure out that something was going to happen.

Jackie gathered his spirits, focusing all his attention around him. The moment anything strange happened, he would react immediately.

The wind grew stronger, carrying the dust on the ground, obscuring Jackie’s sight. Jackie’s clothes were rustling in the wind.

The wind did not only obscure his sight, it also covered up any sounds around him. Jackie had suddenly plunged into a realm devoid of his senses. He let out a long breath, it would not do for that to continue!

Another gust of wind blew past, causing Jackie to lose his balance and his body nearly be blown away by the howling wind.

What was happening?! He did not know how long the wind would last, or how much danger it would bring. At that moment, his mind was in disarray.

Just as he was about to panic, the wind suddenly. Stopped. The sudden stop caused Jackie to lose his bearings for a moment.

Without the wind, the dust slowly settled, and everything returned to the quietness from before. Yet, once his vision cleared, Jackie could not stop his heart from pounding

Less than fifty meters away from him, stood a group of people lined up with their heads down. All of them were wearing armor and had messy hair. Their hands held onto their weapons tightly.

Jackie took a rough glance. There were roughly over a hundred people there.

With a crack that sounded like brittle bone, the group raised their lowered heads together. At that moment, Jackie completely saw what they looked like.

All of them had green skin, and their faces had bloodred runes etched on them. The red eyes were full of violence. After they raised their heads, they stared firmly at Jackie.

Killing intent and violence gathered, they were like a group of killing machines. They were actually zombies with no sentience!

A familiar figure stood fifty feet behind the zombies. There were spots of white light around the man as the man stood still, expressionless.

He was the Divine Warrior that Jackie was supposed to find. Jackie let out a long sigh, finally understanding how he needed to pass this stage. He needed to kill the group of zombies in front of him that numbered over a hundred to get close to the Divine warrior.

Before, Jackie’s heart had been pounding, wondering how he could pass the stage. Now that it was clear, Jackie did not relax one bit. The pressure in his heart felt heavier and heavier as if a few large stones had been thrown on it.

It was too difficult!

Over a hundred zombies. Each of them was at the initial stage of the innate level. If they rushed over, he was not certain if he could get past. After all, the numbers were too great, it was practically a swarm of zombies!

When Jackie stood on the Divine Void Slope, he was never certain if he could obtain any reward. He told himself he would do his best. Even if he came back with no rewards, he would not give up halfway. If he was going to lose, he would lose in the end!

Yet, it was already so difficult facing the third Divine warrior. He could not imagine how difficult the challenges would end up being when he faced the fourth and fifth Divine warriors.


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