No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2241

“No! There’s something wrong with this sound. Why do I feel like it’s trying to kill me?”

“What is happening? Why can I still hear it even though I’ve covered my ears?!”

Every ring would cause their blood circulation to go erratic. Quite a few of them felt their blood surging with the sound of the bells, and some of them even started to vomit blood.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, circulating his true energy to block the attacks brought forward by the sound. The Divine warriors in front of him had yet to move and were merely looking at him with disdain.

Just as Jackie wondered what else there would be other than the bells, his vision flashed as he arrived at a special place.

The scene had changed too quickly for him to formulate any guesses. He wondered if he was in an illusion again, but discounted that possibility after some thought. If it were an illusion, the scene would not have changed so clearly.

Everything happened too abruptly while illusions were supposed to blur the lines between reality and illusion. Yet, Jackie could clearly feel that his mind was still in a clear state.

They were in a bloodied landscape. The entire space was covered in the color red. Even the crescent moon in the sky was red. The whole area was filled with the aura of death as if an apocalyptic battle had happened not too long ago.

An unknown number of people had died, which was why the place felt grim. Jackie could not help but take a deep breath, putting himself on full alert.

Since it was the third challenge, the sudden change In scenery was definitely not meant for sightseeing. Even though he could still not be completely certain I fit was reality or fantasy, what happened still needed to be dealt with.

Just as his thoughts began to wander, he heard a familiar wizened voice. It was the same voice that read out the rules at the Divine Void Slope.

“Find the Divine warriors in this world! Those who manage to will continue climbing the Divine Void Slope. If you fail, then you fail to pass!”

After those words, the surroundings once again entered a strange silence, and the wizened voice spoke no more. Jackie frowned. The key to passing was not to eliminate the Divine warrior but to find one in this strange and foreign world.

At that moment, Jackie was still confused. He did not know if he had truly arrived at that world, or if everything was merely happening in his mind. However, he was no longer interested in thinking about that.

Since the wizened voice had announced the rules, then he could no longer waste any more time. He sighed as he forced himself to calm down, walking forward step by step.

The blood-red world was a massive plain. Looking up, he could not see the end with just his eyes. The ground was completely barren. Other than a few withered trees, he could see nothing else.

The place seemed abandoned, a place that no longer saw the light of day. Jackie carefully advanced, staying on constant alert for any sudden threat.

In truth, he did not know where he needed to go either, because the world was truly far too large. Looking around, there was nothing other than withered trees, so where was he supposed to find the Divine warrior?

Time slowly ticked away. He completely lost track of time. His surroundings never seemed to change causing Jackie to get nervous, and his breath started to get anxious.

Right at that moment, a noise could be heard in the distance. Jackie suddenly stood up straight, forming seals in his hands, and fifteen Soul Swords formed in his palms!


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