No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2240

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. It was not any slower than Graham and the masked man. Those who saw Jackie’s battle all widened their eyes.

Jackie had killed the Divine warriors far too quickly. It was far greater than the average disciple. To be able to compete against the two strongest people caused quite a few of them to widen their mouths in shock.

“This brat is the first one who arrived at the second stage! I recall that he had the fastest speed. He was the first one to escape the illusions. I can’t believe that his skills actually match up to the determination in his heart!”

“That’s not even the most important point. Look at his fighting prowess. He’s merely at the middle stage of the innate level. He’s actually stronger than all the late-stage innate level disciples here, and not just by a little bit!”

“Of everyone present, the masked disciple from the Corpse Pavillion and Graham, the leader of the Thousand Leaves Pavillion’s students are the only ones who can really compete with him! Look at what this guy is wearing, he should be from the Dual Sovereign Pavillion. I can’t believe that a disciple from a third-grade clan would possess such good skills!”

Griffin looked like he had swallowed a fly as he stared at Jackie. His mouth was slightly agape, not willing to believe what he saw. Compared to how much difficulty he went through to win, Jackie had an incredibly relaxed time.

Just a step back and one attack was all it took for Jackie to defeat the Divine warrior that was definitely not weak in his eyes! He had witnessed Jackie’s battle against Oliver before.

During that time, Jackie definitely did not show this level of skill which meant Jackie had concealed his abilities! The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he got. He refused to admit that Jackie was stronger than he was.

Yet, the reality was cruel. Comparing their two battles, he understood the difference between the two of them without anyone needing to tell him anything

“Why?! Why is this guy so strong? He’s only at the middle stage of the innate level!”

Nelson looked at Jackie with interest and delight. He really wanted to give Jackie a few words of praise, but he felt like he would be sabotaging Jackie if he opened his mouth at that moment, so Nelson kept his mouth shut.

The person with the worst look on his face present was the masked man. However, the masked man was different from regular disciples. His eyes were incredibly vicious and could immediately tell that Jackie’s battle was quite different from his.

The only thing the masked man could not pinpoint was the exact reason for that difference right at that moment. It had definitely ruined the masked man’s plans of ridiculing Jackie after his battle to vent his frustrations.

He would then find a chance to deal with Jackie in the future and dig out the secret behind how Jackie escaped the Cliff of Sorrows, but now it seems like he may have to abort his plan.

Jackie was not bothered with how the others looked at him. Jackie even ignored the praise that Brook was showering him and merely walked toward the third stage.

As he made his way to the ninety feet area, he could not help but turn back to look at where he had climbed. Looking down, he saw that at least half of them had been left behind at the first and second stages.

He had thought that the eliminations would only truly begin at the third stage. Yet, over half of them had already been eliminated before the third stage. It was obvious how difficult the challenges were. Once everyone arrived at the area, the third challenge formally started

This time, they faced Divine warriors as well. However, the Divine warriors in front of them were already at the middle stage of the innate level! This time, no one dared to rush forward.

After all, from the two past experiences, they could see that whoever made the first move would end up suffering misfortune. No one knew what the third Divine warriors would end up doing.

Just as everyone’s imaginations ran wild, they suddenly heard the ringing of bells in their ears. The sound of the bells seemed to press directly at their souls, constantly assaulting their hearts.


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