No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2239

Brook, who was only one person away from Jackie, managed to barely defeat the Divine warrior in front of him, completing the battle. Practically everyone who knew Jackie shot Jackie a curious gaze. Why was Jackie not making a move? Was he waiting for lunch?

Griffin lightly snorted, “Could it be that you’re afraid, Jackie? Or are you worried you’ll show your weakness in front of us? If that’s the case then stop pretending to be so calm. You were acting as if you could easily defeat the Divine warrior in front of you!

Jackie narrowed his eyes, not even bothering to turn his head to look at Griffin. He could no longer be bothered to respond to all these challenges. Yet, he did not make his move merely because he was watching the other battles as well as making guesses in his mind.

His eyes twinkled as he looked at the Divine warrior In front of him. Since he did not attack, the Divine warrior assumed that Jackie was still not prepared, so the Divine warrior did not make a move at Jackie either.

In truth, the Divine warrior’s skills were merely at the level of someone who had just stepped into the middle stage of the innate level. Compared to most of the people there, they were not that strong. Furthermore, the Divine warriors were all using the same skills.

It was merely a red-level technique. It would not even be anything of interest in third-grade clans. Almost everyone present was the elites within their clans, so the Divine warriors should not be that hard to defeat.

Yet, forty percent of them had been eliminated! The only point of explanation was what that old voice had said before. Within the Divine Void Slope, martial skills that used true energy would be suppressed. With that in mind, Jackie let out a sigh.

“What are you mulling over? I can’t believe you care so much about how you look.” The masked man’s sinister voice could once again be heard in Jackie’s ears.

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows. He glanced over at the masked man. He noticed that all of those who bore a grudge against him did not continue climbing the mountain. They all stopped for the moment, looking at him with mocking gazes.

They were all waiting for Jackie to embarrass himself. How could Jackie be oblivious to what they were thinking? He let out a small laugh and started to form seals with his hands. Dense aura began to gather in his palm.

Suddenly, fourteen Soul Swords formed. Jackie divided those swords into two, splitting them into the right and left sides. The Divine warrior judged how prepared the person in front of him was by the energy fluctuations.

Jackie’s Soul Swords naturally involved intense energy. Jackie could hear a sword unsheathe. He did not need to look to know that the Divine warrior in front of him was finally attacking.

After a radiant purple glow, the Divine warrior split into two as usual, and rushed right at Jackie! Jackie did not rush and raised his Soul Swords up in the air.

As the Divine warrior rushed over, he pushed forward, forming eleven seals with his hands. The seals formed on the Soul Swords, and on his right and left hands were seven Soul Swords each, merging into two large swords.

Those two swords radiated gray energy as if it was an unclean smog. Jackie pushed off, twisting the laws of space to the fullest, pulling away from his foe.

He retreated as he activated his Soul Sword, meeting the Divine warrior’s attack. The crowd merely heard a crackling noise as the two Soul Swords clashed against the Divine warrior.

The purple glow was shattered, and in the blink of an eye, the giant Soul Sword pierced deeply into the Divine warrior. With two clicks, both the Divine warriors dispersed into thin air.


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