No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2238

At that moment, the Divine warrior on the right rushed over with the purple blade as well. Being attacked from the right and the left, Griffin’s face suddenly paled.

Many disciples fell for that attack. Unable to instantly kill one of the Divine warriors, the other one would quickly follow up with an attack. Being attacked from both sides meant that it was incredibly easy to get injured!

However, Griffin was still a chosen disciple after all. He had his own skills, so he shouted, “Misty Steps!” He avoided the attack from the Divine warrior on the right as if he was a catfish, and did not hesitate to attack the warrior on the left.

This time, he spared no mercy. The bone in his hand emitted a dark red glow as Griffin shouted furiously, “Die!”

The bone then pierced and stabbed the Divine warrior’s body viciously. After a bang sounded, the Divine warrior turned into speckles of purple light.

That was the most intense moment. He could not allow the Divine warrior on the right to absorb the purple lights. Otherwise, the Divine warrior’s power would increase dramatically. In the end, he would be faced with double the pressure, which was something he could not allow.

Bang bang bang!

Griffin continued to attack. Each wave of his bones crashed viciously on the Divine warrior on the right. The Divine warrior’s body was beginning to look more and more transparent from the attacks. Just as the purple light from the left was about to merge with the Divine warrior on the right, the warrior could no longer hold on and exploded with a boom.

After seeing the Divine warrior on the right turn into purple spots of light as well, Griffin could not stop himself from panting loudly.

He had won! However, it was not that easy. For the sake of the challenges that would follow, Griffin did not unleash all his power, preserving his true energy. Yet, he had used about eighty to ninety percent of his powers to secure this victory.

It was something Griffin did not expect. Thinking about that, he could not help but look further into the Divine Void Slope. Looking upward, the slope was obscured by a thin layer of mist. The slope was not very steep, but due to the three hundred feet distance, it gave everyone the impression that it was piercing through the clouds.

Griffin gulped down a mouthful of saliva with a sour look on his face. He had thought that he would be able to gain many rewards initially, that he would have been able to show off his skills and go back to his clan with his head held up high.

Yet, it seemed like even the Divine warriors at the second stage were already so tough to defeat. Thinking about the challenges that awaited him, he subconsciously bit his lips, and an unwilling look appeared in his eyes.

At that moment, he seemed to have thought of something. He raised his head to look at Jackie who was standing in the distance. All he saw was Jackie looking to the front with the same calm look as if his battle earlier did not interest Jackie at all.

That caused Griffin to be even more furious. The brat really knew how to piss him off. Jackie had an uncaring expression as if the Divine warriors were easy to be dealt with.

Griffin panted as he slowly straightened his body. Focusing on Jackie, his eyes were full of hatred.

At that moment, the others were already starting their attacks on the Divine warriors. Those who passed had started climbing up to the next thirty feet distance. Even Theo had completed his battle.


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