No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2237

Graham’s expression remained the same after the attack and rotated strangely in arc mid-air. The leaves that had attacked the Divine warrior on the left earlier had yet to disappear. Instead, gathered around Graham’s blade with his movements.

Graham was just as fast as before, and everything happened just like with the masked man earlier. Graham had been too quick, and before the Divine warrior on the right had the chance to absorb the power from the killed warrior on the left, Graham attacked again, killing the warrior in one blow.

It was done just as cleanly. However, compared to how casually the masked man had dealt with the Divine warrior, it seemed like Graham had expended a bit more energy. However, everyone present knew that the two of them had yet to show their true strength!

That was the horrifying part! To be able to enter the Secret Place for Resources meant that they were definitely below the late stage of the innate level. Other than Jackie, everyone else present was at that level.

The competition should have been relatively fair since everyone was on the same level. The only advantage anyone would have was talent! The strong would be able to easily defeat the weak.

The Divine warriors were impossible to defeat for the weak, but for the strong, killing the Divine warriors was just a casual endeavor, nothing to worry about.

“You…seem to not feel anything at all.” Brook suddenly said to Jackie.

Jackie was taken aback. Only then did he notice that the top disciple of the Dual Sovereign Pavillion, Brook, was actually quite close to him. There was only one person between them. Brook had been observing Jackie the whole time and felt that Jackie had been far too calm that it seemed like he was just putting on a show.

Jackie let out a soft chuckled, “Why should I feel anything? If they’re strong, then they’re strong.’

Brook’s lips curled up into a smirk. “You really do surprise me.”

Jackie did not know how to answer that, so he merely kept his mouth shut. He did not plan on being friends with anyone. After all, in Jackie’s eyes, other than his family, other relationships were not reliable. So, he was not willing to get too friendly with anyone.

“It’s my time to shine!” Griffin declared loudly.

‘It’s as if he’s worried that no one will watch him!’ Jackie snorted lightly but anticipated to witness Griffin’s skills as a chosen disciple.

Griffin was eager to show off in front of Jackie. After seeing Jackie’s dismissive gaze, he narrowed his eyes at Jackie with a vexed expression.

He swiped at his space ring, and a bone that had been specially refined appeared in his hand. His weapon surprised Jackie since it was the first time Jackie had ever seen someone wield such a weapon.

With an angry roar, he leaped forward at the Divine warrior like a leopard. His bone made cracking noises in his hand.


The bone shot at the Divine warrior like a whip. With a bang, the purple aura was shattered by the bone. However, it did not manage to injure the Divine warrior. Clenching his teeth, Griffin let out another attack. The attack managed to pierce through the Divine warrior’s body, but did not manage to kill him!


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