No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2236

The masked man’s movements were all incredibly slick. Even the sheathing of his sword had been done flawlessly. His string of movements practically looked like an artful masterpiece.


The machete was placed back into its sheathe. He did not store his weapon back into the space ring and instead held it gently in his palm.

“My god! That…that was too amazing. The Divine warrior was just like a pile of mud in front of him. It makes me feel like the Divine warrior I just fought isn’t even at the same level as the one he did!”

A lot of them could not hold back from mumbling softly.

Quite a few people started to discuss among themselves. The main topic had been the masked man’s attack making it seem far too easy. Compared to the rest of them who had used their full strengths, it was an astounding difference. It left some of them feeling a deep sense of worship and admiration.

“I know him! He’s a disciple of the Corpse Pavillion. All the other disciples there all treat him with respect. He definitely holds a high position within the Corpse Pavillion for the other disciples to treat him that way. His talent should be top-notch as well…!”

“I feel infuriated just comparing myself to him. This guy is far too strong. I feel like the treasures on the Divine Void Slope will all end up in his hands.”

Even though the other disciples from the Corpse Pavillion knew that their fellow disciple was exceptionally talented, witnessing it with their own eyes still left them unable to hold back their excitement. All of the disciples from the Corpse Pavillion started to cheer loudly, “You are our champion! You’ll definitely be able to get the treasures!”

“This competition is practically designed for our senior, the rest of you can’t even compete with him!”

Those sharp words naturally incited a lot of anger in the other disciples. Yet, facing those disciples from the Corpse Pavillion, there was nothing they could counter with. After witnessing that person’s skills, they knew they could not compare.

Furthermore, the Corpse Pavillion was a fourth grade clan that followed demonic ways. They killed without any regard for honor or morality. The disciples from the north were all very wary of the Corpse Pavillion.

The masked man disregarded the praise showered on him as well as the cheers from his fellow disciples. Instead, his gaze was once again fixed on Jackie.

Jackie naturally saw everything that happened earlier. However, his expression remained calm as if everything had been within his expectations, leaving no need for any hint of surprise.

The Corpse Pavillion had just made a big splash, and the Thousand Leaves Pavillion was obviously not willing to be left behind. The leader of the disciples from the Thousand Leaves, Graham Eliot, let out a light snort before attacking a Divine warrior as well.

He held a green-colored sword in hand. His white robes fluttered even with the lack of any wind. He stepped in a gust of wind, his sword aimed right at the Divine warrior.

The Divine warrior split into two bodies after a radiant glow from his blade as usual. The Divine warrior was incredibly quick and charged forward at Graham like a bullet.

Yet, it shocked everyone to find that the Divine warrior’s speed could still not match up to Graham. All everyone could see was a figure that carried a faint green glow. In the blink of an eye, Graham appeared right in front of the Divine warrior, the purple blade suddenly clashed with the green blade.

The glow that Graham’s sword had been emitting suddenly condensed into wave after wave of green leaves. The leaves were no ordinary leaves. Jackie could clearly feel an explosive power condensed into each leaf.

After the leaves were condensed, they started to quickly revolve around the green blade. It was so fast that all they could see was a rotating green light. Everyone could only see Graham waving his sword, and the leaves formed a rapid vortex suddenly rushing toward the Divine warrior!

Everything happened so quickly that it was faster than taking a breath. In just a moment, the Divine warrior on the left had turned into purple energy.


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