No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2235

This was an incredible chance for the disciples to prove how much stronger they were than Jackie.

Jackie, on the other hand, was not bothered by their petty thoughts at all, turning his head away and ignoring them.

However, Griffin mistook it as a show of nervousness from Jackie, thus Griffin coldly sneered. “Surely you don’t believe that the results you obtained earlier meant that your skills dominated everyone else here, do you?”

Jackie furrowed his eyebrows, genuinely not wanting to engage with this insignificant fly. On the other hand, if he did not answer, others would think that he truly was afraid, not even daring to answer.

He turned rather exasperatedly. “I never wanted to dominate anyone. Can you just zip your mouth? If you really want to prove your skills, then come at me. Why are you wasting so much time with nonsense?!”

Griffin’s face reddened with anger as he pointed right at Jackie. “Very well! I’ll let you taste how great the gap in our skills is!”

The moment he said that, a bang could be heard around them. A disciple from the Muddled Origin Clan had been beaten down and spat blood on the floor! The disciple was the second person to make a move.

After the first disciple had given them an example, he was unable to hold himself back from being the second test subject. This time, he did the opposite of what the Thousand Leaves Pavillion disciple did and attacked the body with weaker energy fluctuations.

Alas, he had chosen wrongly.

After destroying the weaker Divine warrior on the right, the same thing happened as before. The Divine warrior on the right turned into spots of purple light and was absorbed by the warrior on the left.

After absorbing the purple light, the warrior’s strength increased dramatically, and his speed had increased by several times as well. He dealt a heavy injury to the disciple from the Muddled Origin Clan In just one blow, the damage close to what was dealt to the person before.

That had shocked everyone present. Even Griffin, who had been boasting earlier, furrowed his brows, not knowing what to say. Attacking the Divine warrior with the stronger energy fluctuations was the wrong choice, but attacking the one with the weaker energy fluctuations was the wrong choice as well!

Was the Divine warrior’s true body determined at random, then?

Everyone present was stunned on the spot at that moment. However, even after being taken aback, there were still those who wanted to jump in and fight. Some people were just naturally impatient, and they ended up attacking one at a time.

The results caused everyone to frown. No matter which body was attacked, it never seemed to be the true body of the Divine warrior. It felt like both the Divine warriors were phantoms!

Of course, there were those who defeated the Divine warriors in the end. After all, there were quite a few talented individuals present.

As the masked man looked at those who attacked, he let out a cold snort of disdain. The masked man turned around and faced the Divine warrior in front o f him. Out of the space ring on his left hand, a machete appeared.

Jackie raised an eyebrow. So, the masked man used a machete.

With a step forward, he swung the machete in his hand at the Divine warrior. His attack was so quick that he left behind an afterimage.

The Divine warrior also pulled his sword out the moment the masked man started to attack. Just like the other Divine warriors before, after a purple glow, two clones emerged. The bodies on the left and right started to attack the masked man.

The masked man’s lips curled up, revealing a disdainful smile. The machete in his hand glinted coldly as it slashed at the Divine warrior’s throat. As weapons clashed, the purple sword in the Divine warrior’s sword was sent flying. A second later, the left Divine warrior’s neck was slashed.

The Divine warrior on the left suddenly turned into spots of purple light, but the masked man did not give the Divine warrior a chance to gather up the light at all. He made a 180-degree turn in the air.

Opening up his right hand, he threw the machete in his hand. The machete was launched with an incredible force as it suddenly sliced off the Divine warrior’s head under everyone’s widened gazes!


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