No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2234

Before the disciples’ confusion was settled, the crowd noticed that the Divine warrior that had been pierced suddenly turned into spots of purple light, quickly being absorbed by the Divine warrior on the right.

The scene caused everyone to take a sharp breath. The one that had been pierced earlier was not the real body!

There was only one Divine warrior left in front of the Thousand Leaves Pavillion disciple. The disciple widened his eyes as he stared at the Divine warrior in disbelief.

It was then he realized that he had made the wrong guess…but it was too late. The Divine warrior’s sword was already right in front of the disciple.

Everyone heard something being pierced.

Unable to shield himself, the disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavillion was dealt a large wound by the Divine warrior’s blade. It was a deep wound that extended from the left shoulder to the right waist.

The disciple of the Thousand Leaves Pavillion spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed on the ground immediately. The injury he got from that slash had rendered him with no strength left to fight back. His blood stained his shirt, and the disciples from the Thousand Leaves Pavillion that were on friendlier terms to him all shouted loudly, “Hughes! Are you alright?!”

At that moment, Hughes no longer had the strength to even reply to the frantic shouts of his fellow disciples. After the Divine warrior did all of that, he walked back to his original position. A purple glow surged out of his body and covered up that disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavillion.

Being surrounded by that purple light meant that he was already eliminated, with no hopes of advancing. Many shivered as they watched the scene unfold, not expecting the tables to be turned so quickly.

They had thought that the disciple’s victory had been assured, but no one expected that the body he pierced would not be the Divine warrior’s true body. Those present, whose skills were at the level of the person who had failed, became visibly worried.

Everyone saw what happened, as bright as day. Thinking things through, they stood with not much of an advantage if they were to face the Divine warriors.

However, there were some who said, “That guy was too hot-headed; he just rushed ahead before anyone else did anything. He wanted the spotlight all to himself. The reason he lost so badly was that he didn’t know what skills the opponent had at all!”

“Now that we know, that move is nothing! As long as we manage to find his true body, we won’t end up like that!”

“You’re right! If that guy earlier pierced the Divine warrior on the right, none of this would’ve happened!

“How do you think he judged which body was the real one from those two Divine warriors earlier?”

“That’s simple! Of course, it’s through energy fluctuations. That’s the most basic way to tell. However, using such a common technique against the Divine warriors won’t work. All we need to do is do the opposite thing! With him as an example to us, we won’t end up like him!”

Jackie merely stood by the side, silently listening to everyone. With their exchanges, the atmosphere was quite peaceful. At that moment, he suddenly felt like he was being glared at, and not just by one person.

Jackie turned around to look somewhat helplessly. He noticed the masked man staring at him with a provocative expression and narrowed eyes.

Jackie knew exactly what that man’s expression meant.

The masked man wanted to show off his skills to make up for his loss to Jackie. It was not just the masked man, however, as even Griffin and Theo eyed him with the same expression.

He had triumphed over everyone else and was the first to reach the 18-meter-point range. The rest of them would definitely not be willing to admit defeat easily. They would probably think that they should have had that result, and that Jackie was merely lucky instead of having plausible skills.

They were bitter that Jackie seemed undeserving of the position.


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