No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2233

Practically everyone’s attention was focused on that man. The Divine warrior standing in front of him started to move the moment the disciple used that skill.

The purple blade in the warrior’s hand let out a vibrant glow as the warrior took the Blood Wave head -on, rushing forward.

At that moment, however, a clink was heard as the purple aura that was on the Divine warrior shone so vibrant that everyone shut their eyes. The Divine warrior was submerged in the purple light.

The purple light dissipated in the next second, but a shocking scene greeted everyone. The Divine warrior had split into two identical Divine warriors. Both of them held their purple swords and faced the attack of the disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavillion.

“Another illusory art! It’s a phantom this time!” a number of disciples exclaimed in shock.

The disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavillion thought the same as well. The disciple furrowed his eyebrows and stared at the Divine warrior that had been split into two before coldly snorting, “You can’t fool me!”

His one-meter-long blade changed directions, slashing right at the Divine warrior in the left.

A massive explosion reverberated throughout the venue, and purple light clashed against the bloody aura, emitting a painfully sharp crackling sound. The purple light was incredibly radiant, but it still did not manage to hold the torrent of blood for too long.

Under a torrent of noise, the blood aura swallowed the purple light, and the blade had slashed right toward the Divine warrior.

“Good stuff! He managed to see through it immediately!” The onlookers all cheered for the disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavillion.

When facing illusory techniques, finding the true body was the key to victory. As long as one managed to find the user of the techniques, the attack would be countered and the enemy would be at their wit’s end.

The reason he could find out the true body so quickly was down to his incredibly amazing eyesight, and he could immediately see the big energy fluctuations on the bodies. The one on the left had double the energy than the one on the right.

The Thousand Leaves Pavillion disciple laughed out loud. He had won! The second stage was no sweat for him, after all! Even in his own sect, he was just someone who could show off a little among the inner disciples. When it came to all the masters at the Secret Place for Resources, he was nothing impressive.

He felt like he became the center of attention that day. Despite the fact that he had used all his strength, he still managed to defeat his opponent in one blow! If the fact spread into his sect, he would receive the attention of the elders, and his growth would be prioritized!

Thinking about that, he laughed as he circulated the true energy in his entire body and stabbed right at his opponent.

At that moment, the Divine warrior had yet to recover his strength and had no way to fight back at all

The sound of a blade piercing through flesh could be heard as the divine warrior was pierced right in the heart, and he suddenly lost all his ability to fight.

The Thousand Leaves Pavillion’s disciple was elated. He had won! It was, oddly enough, this easy! He did not expend much strength at all. The first stage had been so torturous, so he thought the second stage would have been incredibly hard. He never expected It would be so easy!

The crowd started to prepare themselves to attack as well when they noticed that the challenge was a mere breeze. If it was going to be so simple, braving It right away sounded like the perfect thing!

However, at that moment, Nelson’s confused voice reached their ears, “Why has the illusion not disappeared yet?” His eyebrows were furrowed.

At that moment, the crowd noticed something wrong. Based on normal situations, after dealing with the true body, the illusions would follow suit and disappear. Illusions were meant for confusing opponents and never possessed any combat abilities themselves.

However, it did not seem to be the case at that moment

The true body on the left had already lost all ability to fight, but the body on the right was still active as always. It did not seem to have been affected at all, let alone looking like it would disappear any soon.


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