No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2232

The masked man let out a long sigh as he narrowed his eyes at Jackie. His gaze might have been so intense that it caused Jackie, even though he was quite a distance away, to turn toward his direction. Despite the mask covering his face, Jackie could still tell what expression laid beneath the mask just by looking at his eyes.

Was it defiance? Jealousy? Perhaps bitterness?

Jackie let out a cold laugh. What did it matter if the masked man felt this way? A loss was a loss. Jackie’s cold smirk evoked the masked man’s anger.

“Are you very pleased with yourself? Do you think you’ve surpassed me? You’re faster than me, which I can only attribute to your firm resolve. If you were really stronger than me, then why did you always retreat whenever we fought in the past?”

The masked man’s voice was clear and loud, despite the distance between him and Jackie.

Jackie raised an eyebrow, not angered by his words. “I know what the differences in our skills are, but don’t forget the fact that your cultivation has always been higher than mine by a whole realm. If the both of us were at the same level, you’d be the one running!”


The masked man’s face rapidly reddened.

Jackie could not be bothered to play along with the masked man and turned his head around. The minutes and seconds slowly ticked away as Jackie quietly waited for the second battle. Once everyone who passed arrived at the 18-meter-point range, the second stage would formally begin.

Each of the Divine Warriors at the spot all exuded a vibrant purple, lavender glow, and all of them looked at each other with serious expressions.


All of them pulled out their swords, and the swords exuded a purple glow. Purple runes were etched on the swords, filled with a mysterious power.

The pulling of the swords symbolized the start of the battle. Shockingly, none of them made a move to attack, seemingly waiting for the challengers to attack

Jackie looked at the Divine Warriors in front of them with no intention of making a move. The warriors at the 18-meter-point range looked the same as the ones they met at the first point, but the weapons the warriors had in hand were different, as well as their fighting prowess.

The warriors at the previous challenge had all been at the initial stage of the innate realm, while those facing them at that moment were already at the middle stage. However, they seemed to have only just broken through to the middle stage and did not seem to have a very steady foundation.

Looking at the way the warriors looked at him, it was the exact same from before. Their disdain-filled gaze gleamed with arrogance, not considering him to be a threat at all.

The first time Jackie encountered those looks, Jackie mentally cursed in his mind. They were no stronger than he was, so why were they looking at him like that?

Of course, Jackie finally understood the reason.

Those restrained warriors might actually be great masters in the Divine Void World, with abilities that far exceeded everyone present. They were probably restricting their powers for the sake of the Divine Void Slope, which is why they looked at everyone present like ants.

“I’m not going to wait anymore! Let’s see what kind of tricks you have up your sleeve this time!” shouted a disciple from the Thousand Leaves Pavillion impatiently.

He then pulled out his one-meter-long sword and rushed right at the Divine Warriors in front of him. A blood-red glow radiated from the sword as he shouted loudly, “Blood Wave!”

A bloody aura covered his body as the sword in his hand looked like it had been pulled out of hell. It contained a wave of killing intent and thirst for blood as he slashed right at the Divine warrior in front of him.

“You’re just at the middle-stage of the Innate Realm! Show me what you’ve got!” the man shouted out as he attacked.


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