No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2231

At this moment, many of the people around him slowly broke free from their mental prison. Many of them seemed to be stunned and in a bad condition when they got out of the illusion. After all, the Divine Void Illusion used the weaknesses of the human heart and made them see things they never wish to face.

The disciples were frightened and thankful once they escaped the illusion.

“Oh my god! W-What sort of illusionary skill is that? It’s so…domineering that I thought everything was real! I was almost defeated!”

“Yes! Second Senior Brother, you’re awake too? You’re so much faster than the other clan brothers!”

Just as there were those who won, there were also those who lost the fight. Many of them failed and vomited blood as they had weak mental strength. These people were naturally covered by the orangish -red light and could no longer move as they had failed the challenge. However, most of them succeeded, and the success rate was as high as 70 percent. This percentage of people had succeeded in the challenge, and the Divine Void Warrior in front of them disappeared.

Soon, somebody realized that there was a person at the second challenge, facing the second Divine Void Warrior. “Who’s that?! D*mnit! He’s already arrived at the second challenge!”

At this moment, Griffin managed to escape the illusion, huffing and puffing as his vision slowly came to. He immediately looked around him and was pleased with himself when he saw that there were still some people who had not escaped the illusion. However, the noises of discussion around him stunned him before he had enough time to enjoy his victory.

“That’s Jackie from the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, isn’t It? Isn’t he in the intermediate stage of innate level? Why is he so strong?! How determined is he?!”

“Do you know that the illusion we were in just now is also a type of martial skill? A determined mind can help us break free from the illusion, but it requires the support of our fighting prowess. We need to use a strong martial skill to cut off the improper thoughts! This isn’t something achievable only by a determined mind!”

“You’re right… We’ve certainly looked down at him!”

When these comments wafted into Griffin’s ears, he immediately looked up and saw Jackie’s upright figure as he faced the second Divine Void Warrior, unmoving

“How could this…” Griffin felt like he had just swallowed dung. At this moment, the people who passed the first challenge were slowly climbing up the slope, and none of them wanted to be left behind. However, Jackie was still much faster than everybody there!

Nelson looked at Jackie with an unrecognizable expression in his eyes. He was relieved, envious, and jealous at the same time. He had also looked down at Jackie, who had just become an elder disciple.

Although Jackie also showed his extraordinary strength at the gathering spot for roll call and defeated Oliver, who was at the eighth position among formal disciples, this was nothing to the chosen disciples when he was just an informal disciple. After all, Jackie was only in the intermediate stage of innate level.

However, it looked like he had underestimated Jackie. Jackie might not have even used all his strength during his fight with Oliver.

The masked man arrived at the 18-meter-range point with a darkened look on his face. A strand of purple light that appeared before the second Divine Void Warrior also appeared in front of him. He was the second person to arrive at the 18-meter-range point, but this felt more like an insult to him instead.

He might not be in such a foul mood if it was another person who was ahead of him. However, it was Jackie, the young man he failed to kill and escaped from his hands twice. How could he stay calm when Jackie surpassed him with a fighting prowess of intermediate stage of innate level?!


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