No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2230

Jackie and Theo had caused a huge ruckus at that time, and the Muddled Origin Clan disciples dared not follow Theo to cause trouble at the Dual Sovereign Pavilion. Those that did not go over also focused all their attention at that side. Hence, this disciple was extremely surprised when he realized who that person was.

This guy was the first one to break through the illusion? Was he lucky, or was he really capable? The Muddled Origin Clan disciple had a darkened look on his face. He was one realm higher than Jackie and was In the final stage of innate level.

All of them paid attention to the chaos when Theo was causing Jackie trouble. As this guy was only in the intermediate stage of innate level, they did not pay much attention to him. They had heard that he was only an elder disciple and not even a chosen disciple.

The Muddled Origin Clan disciple could not accept the fact that a person he looked down upon was stronger than him. He was not even in the mood to heal his wounds.

“Ah!” The masked man yelled loudly, and consciousness gradually returned to his eyes. He panted heavily, having finally broken free from the illusion at last.


The Divine Void Warrior that stood before him disappeared after being in a semi-transparent situation. With nothing obstructing him, this meant the masked man was qualified to advance.

He could not help but lament, “Such a great illusion! I was also caught up in it, but… It couldn’t keep for long.” On top of that, the masked man felt that a huge reason he was trapped here was that he lowered his fighting prowess. He also felt that the Divine Void Slope had a certain degree of suppression on him. If he had his full energy, an illusion of such level would be unable to trap him!

He laughed coldly at the thought. He glanced around him and discovered that everybody else, apart from himself, was still caught in their respective illusions. All of them were frowning and looked like they were suffering badly.

He was the first one to break free! Of course, there were a few of these nobodies, but they did not deserve the precious items on the Divine Void Slope. They were prepared for him, not these lame disciples that could not even put up a fight!

Inadvertently, he caught a glimpse of the Muddled Origin Clan disciple surrounded by the orangish-red light. However, this person had a weird expression on his face and a clear look in his eyes. He was not trapped in the illusion, but the Divine Void Warrior blocking in front of him had not disappeared.

The masked man knew that this man must have been eliminated and sneered. He was only a disciple from a third-grade sect, and it was normal that he was eliminated the moment he stepped on the slope. However, this guy had a slightly weird expression on his face. Why was he looking at the Divine Void Slope with a frightened, yet jealous look on his face?

As he followed the Muddled Origin Clan disciple’s line of gaze, he saw a familiar figure who had already arrived at the 18-meter-range point. He stood up straight, and the Divine Void Warrior once again appeared in front of him. The masked man had already understood the rules of the Divine Void Slope. The Divine Void Warriors would only be activated when everyone was at their designated point, and the next round of elimination would only begin.

“Jackie…” He subconsciously called out this name that gave him a headache. Apart from being surprised, there was a great deal of disbelief in his voice. Jackie managed to pass the challenge before he did? He had just woken up from the illusion, but this guy had already arrived at the 18-meter-range point and was awaiting the next round of elimination.

The masked man’s expression immediately darkened as he stared at Jackie’s figure, unable to believe the sight.

Why? How could that guy be faster than him? He had already broken through into the spring-solidifying realm, and he would not have taken the pill to suppress his fighting prowess if he did not need to come to this place. However, the martial art techniques, martial skills, and combat experience he had would not reduce no matter how he suppressed his fighting prowess.

He was absolutely confident about coming to the Secret Place for Resources, and he had never paid attention to these young people. “Impossible! How could this be? Why?!” he growled through gritted teeth.


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