No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2229

However, Jackie gave up such thoughts when he saw the change in the Divine Void Warrior’s eyes. This phantom had his own intellect, after all!

This…was too…

Jackie felt unnerved as he could not make out what he felt. What were these things?

“Let go of me! I’m sorry! It was my mistake! I won’t do it again!” A heart-wrenching cry came from his left, and Jackie turned around to look. He noticed that almost everybody stood still in their places, but their faces were extremely expressive. The cry came from a Muddled Origin Clan disciple.

The disciple’s body tensed while a frightened expression was written all over his face. He seemed to be pleading as tears trickled down his cheek, wetting his shirt in the process. It was apparent that he had been crying for some time. He was not the only one to react in such a way, however, as most of the disciples were in the same situation when Jackie took a look around.

It was not hard for Jackie to imagine what sort of an illusion these people were in when he thought about his previous expression. The illusion slowly unfolded every piece of fear buried in the disciples’ hearts, turning them into reality. Experiencing such pain was not something a normal person could endure.

“Ufh!” The disciple’s face blushed a crimson color before he suddenly vomited a mouthful of blood.

The Muddled Origin Clan disciple vomited a mouthful of blood, he looked like a cooked prawn and was unusually red. Moments later, he, unable to keep himself composed, fell to the ground with a thud.

An orangish-red light enveloped the person, and the Divine Void Warrior standing in front of him declared, “You lost your combat effectiveness, and you’ve failed the challenge! I’ll allow you to heal your wounds here, but you’ll go no further from here. When the winner appears, everyone will be moved out of the Divine Void Slope.”

The appearance of this voice completely woke the Muddled Origin Clan disciple. When he realized that he had been eliminated, he blushed and said, “No! I”He was about to say something when he felt a surge of blood overflowing from within him. He had definitely lost but he had never imagined that he would fail so badly and so quickly. The old voice once said that they had to experience nine Divine Void Warriors as they climbed up the slope. This was the first one, and he had already lost!

Jackie sighed softly when he saw that the Muddled Origin Clan disciple had been eliminated. He knew that this was a difficult challenge, but he did not expect the elimination to happen so quickly. He thought that all the disciples here were masters sent by their respective sects, and eliminations should only happen when they meet the third or fourth Divine Void Warrior.

As he was deep in his own thoughts, he could hear something cranking, like gears being activated. He looked up warily and the Divine Void Warrior blocking his way had somehow disappeared without his notice. Did this mean that he was allowed to pass? He inhaled and tried to walk forward. Jackie instantly understood when he no longer faced any obstruction or was stopped. He wasted no more time as he advanced

Murmurs and cries of pain echoed around him, but this did not affect Jackie’s mentality as he was only thinking about moving forward.

The Muddled Origin Clan disciple who was the first one to be eliminated had already accepted his fate and was observing his surroundings as he tended to his wounds. When he saw a figure slowly moving up the slope, his eyeballs almost popped out of his sockets as he blurted, “He’s passed the first test already? He managed to escape the illusion by himself?”

Was deep in their illusions apart from Jackie and himself.

“Who is this? He’s wearing the Dual Sovereign Pavilion disciple’s attire, but… Why haven’t I seen him in the past? No! I saw him just now! Isn’t this Jackie, the person who got into a fight with Senior Brother Theo just now?!”


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