No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2228

Three enemies surrounded Jackie, their gazes burning with resentment yet were happy enough at the thought of mincing Jackie into pieces. Jackie did have bad blood with all three men, and he knew they were capable of cutting every piece of meat off of him with their daggers.

Jackie was in a muddled state at this moment. He knew that he was in extreme danger, that the enemies were about to torture him until he died. He wanted to break free, but his body felt like it had been infused with cement, and he just could not move.

A cold wind swept through his sideburns, and his heart skipped a beat. He immediately turned around and saw that the masked man had a dagger in his hand as he approached Jackie. The remaining two people were also on the move. All three of them had a sharp weapon in their hands respectively, and he knew what they were about to do.

Sure enough, what he feared the most was happening.

Suddenly, a thought flashed past Jackie’s head. At the same time, Jackie seemed to have a sudden realization, and his expression turned stiff.

No… Why would the thing that he feared the most happen to him? It was just seconds ago that he assumed the three men would cut him clean from his bones, and they suddenly advanced toward him with such intention. Each of them had a sharp weapon in their hands, too.

Such a coincidence meant that this was not a coincidental matter. Moreover, why was he here? He seemed to have landed on this great prairie out of the blue. Was he so careless to have stepped into a trap?

No. This was a fantasy. This was not real!

Jackie immediately bit on his tongue when he realized this, and the pain cleared his mind! The words Divine Void Illusion’ flashed through his head.

The feeling of being caught in an illusion was familiar, but there was also a hint of unfamiliarity. The familiar feeling did not come from Jackie, but from the memories in his head, those that belonged to the ancient master. The Divine Void Illusion was a common illusion attack in the Divine Void World that could invade a person’s mind and attack the victim based on the person’s worst fears. Once they plunged into inextricable fear, they would be unable to regain consciousness.

The Divine Void Illusion was a premium Red Level martial skill. On top of that, it was one of the greatest skills among those in the premium Red Level, and it was close to being an Earth Level martial skill! Jackie dared not waste time when he realized this. Those three were still terrorizing him by making threats, and they had already waved the sharp knives toward Jackie’s skin!

“Stop!” Jackie roared angrily and started activating the Destroying the Void. All 15 soul swords were formed and were like sharp swords sent flying at the same time. The swords traveled in Jackie’s body and broke all those delusional thoughts in his consciousness.

“Clatter!” After the power that belonged to the Divine Void Illusion was perforated by Jackie’s Destroying the Void, the power disappeared from Jackie’s consciousness and the surrounding illusion gradually disappeared. The great prairie dissolved in front of his eyes, and all three enemies dissipated like flying ashes.

When Jackie could see his surroundings clearly once, he realized that he was still standing on his original spot, and the crystal sphere in front of him was glowing in an orangish-red color. The Divine Void Warrior stood right before Jackie, but the crystal sphere had somehow floated toward Jackie.

It was so dangerous.

Jackie exhaled deeply in relief. Fortunately, he regained consciousness at a crucial moment and realized that what he had seen moments ago was not reality. He was also lucky to have found out what martial skill this weird illusion was from his memories. The ancient master practiced the Divine Void Illusion years ago and had deep knowledge about this martial skill. Jackie was able to resolve the illusion smoothly because the ancient master had a deep understanding of the method of resolvement!

Whizz! The crystal sphere sounded like it had been leaking electricity. After the sphere let out such a noise, the orangish-red light gradually disappeared and returned to how it used to look. Jackie immediately looked up and discovered that the Divine Void Warrior was looking at him with a different look in his eyes. From the original ignorance and contempt, the look in his eyes had turned into a gradually serious one. Did the Divine Void Warrior really have his own intellect?

From the beginning, Jackie felt that the Divine Void Warrior was just a phantom that could attack but did not have his own intellect. Although the warriors looked at them as if they were trash, Jackie felt that their gaze was unifiedly set.


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