No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2227

These disciples were privileged people in their sects and had spent their lives showered in compliments. They had never suffered such contempt, and the look in the Divine Void Warriors’ eyes was extremely depressing for them.

“Do we look like trash? Why are you looking at us like that? You’re only at the initial level of innate level!” A few of them complained. Some of their worries dissipated as they had nothing to fear when the other party had the same fighting prowess as they did.

The Divine Void Warriors standing in front of these disciples did not respond. The warrior had the same look in his eyes and there was silence, as if the warrior heard nothing.

Jackie crossed his arms at his chest and observed the ongoings around him with great interest. The others were speechless with his actions. As he was immersed in his own observation, he suddenly felt something around him moving. The Divine Void Warrior standing opposite him suddenly raised the crystal sphere in his hands high in the air. A bright light of seven colors immediately covered his surroundings.

Before Jackie realized what had happened, he found himself on a great prairie. He inhaled deeply, realizing he was the only one there across the empty grassland. Why was he here? Where is this place? He was…

Where was he just moments ago? Jackie suddenly could not recall where he was before. It felt like he had been on this great prairie from the start, yet he knew not how he got here and why.

“Jackie! I told you that I’d get my revenge, and I’ll finally have it today!” Theo smiled arbitrarily as he glared at Jackie. He was a meter away from Jackie, cackling in glee. It felt like he was about to achieve all his goals in life, that he could enjoy his life soon.

Jackie frowned and subconsciously took a step back. Since he practiced Destroying the Void, he subconsciously kept some distance between himself and his enemies. Destroying the Void was a long distance martial skill, and close-range fights were unbeneficial for him.

However, he noticed that he seemed to be rooted on the spot just as he was about to back away.

“What do you want?” sneered Jackie.

“Hahaha! What do you think I plan to do?! You discredited me in front of everyone, and I was punished by my sect when I returned! Have you forgotten that? I’ll make you suffer so badly that you wish you were dead!”

“Jackie!” A dark voice could be heard coming from Jackie’s left side. He turned around, only to find that the masked man was already at his left side. The man was looking at Jackie fiercely, as though he could slice Jackie into pieces.

Jackie inhaled deeply. No matter how strong his mentality was, he just could not get a grip of his calmness.

As he was shaken up, another voice appeared on his right side. “Who would’ve thought you’d end up like this today, Junior Brother Jackie! How does it feel? Is it painful? Does it hurt? Your skin will be peeled off soon! This isn’t something a normal person can withstand! Hahahaha!”

Griffin’s voice was like a lingering fly that hummed incessantly in Jackie’s ears.


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