No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2226

The person was startled and subconsciously stopped walking. The orangish-red light only appeared for a short instant before disappearing a second later. A translucent phantom then appeared in front of him. The phantom had a strict face and eyes filled with vigor. He had an object in his hand that looked like a crystal sphere. The crystal sphere floated in mid-air due to the phantom’s true energy. He stood upright like a soldier in front of the person.

This immediately attracted everyone’s attention; no doubt was this translucent phantom the Divine Void Warrior the old voice mentioned. After the appearance of the Divine Void Warrior, the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciple immediately got ready for a great battle. He had a serious expression on his face as he stared at the Divine Void Warrior while holding the sword in his hands tightly.

Surprisingly, the Divine Void Warrior did not instantly make his move after appearing, and it felt like his appearance was to stop the people standing In front of him from advancing. As the Divine Void Slope was a precious item left behind by the ancient master, the person could not simply take action before the enemy did, and no one dared to act without caution.

Since the enemy did not do anything, that person could only be prepared with the sword in his hands and a serious expression on his face.

Not long after, Divine Void Warriors appeared in front of every person that arrived at the 900 meter point. Each of these Divine Void Warriors looked different, but all of them held a crystal sphere in their hands.

Jackie was not the very last to arrive at the 900 meter point, but he was among the last few. After he stepped into the 900 meter range, an orangish-red beam appeared in front of him, followed by a tall figure. The Divine Void Warrior in front of him was tall and thin with gentle facial features, but there was no mistaking that heroic look on his face. He had a slight frown on his face that completed his solemn expression. He stood up straight with the crystal sphere in his hands.

After he saw the phantom figure of this Divine Void Warrior, a thought flashed past Jackie’s mind.’ Warrior! A fearless warrior!

Since the word ‘Divine Void’ was in the name of the Divine Void Warrior, the warrior was no doubt related to the Divine Void World. Still, how were they connected?

All sorts of thoughts flashed through Jackie’s mind, but he had no idea what was going on. He was lost in confusion and deep in his thoughts when he heard a sharp yell.

“F*ck! It moves!”

The noise broke the rather eerie silence.

Jackie quickly looked up, and the Divine Void Warrior suddenly moved its eyes. The warrior was like a mannequin whose switch had been turned on. The Divine Void Warrior’s eyeballs moved and seemed to be getting used to this strange world.

The next moment, his eyes landed on Jackie. His eyes were icy-cold, and it looked like he was looking down at the world. It made Jackie feel like he was a piece of floating duckweed in the eyes of the warrior, or, to be more exact, a piece of trash. The warrior seemed to be emotionless as his eyes were focused on Jackie. To put it in better words, he was not emotionless, but he was really ignoring Jackie, who stood in front of him. It felt as if Jackie’s fighting prowess was not worth his attention.

Jackie cleared his throat and pinched his nose helplessly. He probed the Divine Void Warrior’s fighting prowess and, sure enough, noticed that it was in the initial stage of innate level. His ascertainment should be correct…so why did a Divine Void Warrior in the initial stage of innate level look at him in such a way? The warrior looked at him in contempt as though he was nothing but garbage.

“D*mnit. What’s that look in his eyes for? I’ve never been looked down upon by a person in the initial stage of innate level!” A depressed rant could be heard from a distance away. Jackie turned around to look and noticed that many people around him were looking at the Divine Void Warrior in front of them with depressed looks on their faces. Every Divine Void Warrior was staring at the challengers in front of them with contempt and ignorance.


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