No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2225

The masked man stood three meters behind Jackie and eyed him sharply.

However, Jackie replied indifferently. “Many people wish to kill me, but those people usually end up dead.”

“Hmph! Such arrogance! The masked man scoffed, one that sounded as though it boomed from his chest.

Jackie ignored the situation behind him and stepped onto the Divine Void Slope. The moment both his legs stepped on the ground, he felt an unseen wave of energy covering his entire body. He was unable to move as the energy was like hardened cement. Seconds later, he moved speedily and appeared at the northern side of the slope.

After his body was able to move freely, Jackie still felt a vague blocking force around him. Although he stood in the same space as everybody else, they were in individual spaces. Of course, Jackie was not the only one who felt this.

Bang! Bang!

Sounds of something smashed were heard from far away, and Jackie saw a disciple from the Corpse Pavilion raise his mace and continuously waved it at the space surrounding him.

The intense true energy collision caused waves of true energy in his surroundings. However, the collision was within a range. With the Corpse Pavilion’s disciple as the center point, the aftershocks of the energy collision could be felt within a radius of several meters. However, none of them could feel anything once they were out of the radius!

The disciple’s actions immediately made everyone else nearby follow suit. Moments later, everybody came up with the same conclusion. Even though they looked like they were in the same space, they were isolated. This meant that no matter how intense the fight in their individual space was, they would not affect the people around them. It was absolutely fair yet marvelous altogether!

Jackie exhaled deeply and looked up the Divine Void Slope with his bright eyes. To be frank, this was not an amazing place, but it was absolutely powerful. There were more than 100 people there, and the slope was capable of instantly forming more than 100 individual spaces! The attainments toward the laws of space were unimaginable when one was capable of doing so!

“The climb has begun! Remember: the Divine Void Slope is over nine thousand meters tall, and a Divine Void Warrior will appear in front of you every nine hundred meters! Defeat the Divine Void Warrior, and you’ll be qualified to continue climbing up the slope. On the contrary, the other party shall be eliminated! You’ll face nine Divine Void Warriors, but there shall be ten battles. The last person who wins the battle shall win it all! Good luck…warriors of the West Cercei State!” The voice, evidently coming from an aged individual, quieted down after he finished saying this.

However, the people who joined this battle for precious items were unable to calm down. They were required to join ten battles, but there would only be nine Divine Void Warriors. The information contained in this statement was apparent!

Everybody caught the crucial point of the battle after giving it some thought. The last fight was a melee, and only one person would win!

Once they thought of this, the intention to fight around the people grew more intense. Jackie saw a Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciple staring at the peak of the slope as his intention to kill overflowed.

“Go!” roared an individual, striding toward the peak of the Divine Void Slope filled with burning determination.

Compared to the enthusiasm of those around him, Jackie was like an old man who moved slowly. Moments later, a handful of participants arrived at the 30-meters point. That person had just stepped within the 30-meter-range when their surroundings suddenly released a strand of reddish-orange light.


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