No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2224

Jackie thanked Byron solemnly, but Byron waved his hand in dismissal. “This is nothing. I did this because I can’t stand Theo’s behavior.”

The two of them exchanged some words before Jackie sent Byron away.

Time passed by slowly, and after an hour, the aged voice could be heard again, “Time’s up! Everybody can board the Divine Void Slope now! You’ll fight the Divine Void Warrior when you’re on the Divine Void Slope. The criteria to judge your failure is when you lose your capabilities to fight or when you admit defeat. Once you lose to the Divine Void Warrior, you won’t be able to continue climbing up the Divine Void Slope.”

The evaluation standard was quite fair as everybody could proactively admit defeat if they felt that they would be badly wounded should they resume their battle.

“Alright! Those who wish to climb up the Divine Void Slope, you can start now. Those who do not wish to do so can just stay at the bottom.” After the announcement, the crowd started to burn with excitement. Apart from those who were badly wounded or dead, the others started rushing toward the Divine Void Slope. Jackie walked slowly and looked like he was taking a stroll in the garden. He had no intention of fighting with the people in front of him.

At this moment, those closer to the Divine Void Slope climbed up the slope faster. The first person who stepped on the Divine Void Slope was stunned, and his originally high spirits disappeared. He felt like he had been imprisoned by the surrounding space and was unable to move. The next second, he heard something cracking..

This scene immediately extinguished everyone’s enthusiasm. Everybody looked over at the first person who rushed up the slope but was stuck there and unable to move.

Crack! Crack!

Sounds of chains being pulled could be heard again, and the ground beneath that person suddenly shifted. The person was unable to move his body, but he moved together with the ground. After an inhale, that person was moved 300 meters away from where he originally was.

“Oh my god!” he blurted in fear. His sideburns were wet from his cold sweat, proving just how frightened he was when his body was controlled.

The voice of the old man could be heard at this moment. “Everybody is given their own spot! What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you moved up the slope? If you don’t move, the Divine Void Slope will decide that you don’t wish to fight for the precious items.”

The words of the announcer acted like a stimulant. Everybody’s enthusiasm was rekindled when they saw that the first person to rush up the slope was safe. Like bees flying out of their hives, everyone rushed up the Divine Void Slope.

The Divine Void Slope was not crowded, even though more than 100 people had moved up the slope. The body of every person who stepped on the slope was instantly controlled, and the ground they stepped on moved accordingly.

In the beginning, Jackie was curious as to why the Divine Void Slope would function in such a way. However, Jackie had an instant realization when he saw that more than 100 people had been arranged nicely. The Divine Void Slope controlled the distance between them and led all of them to their respective places. At that moment, everyone stood at the lowest point of the Divine Void Slope in one straight line.

Jackie did everything slowly, but it was not because he wanted to make a grand entrance. Instead, he did not wish to spend time with these people. He had only arrived in front of the Divine Void Slope at this moment.

He was about to step onto the Divine Void Slope at this moment when he heard a gloomy voice saying, ” You’re so much more interesting than I originally thought. You’ve been quite lucky until this point. However, you should remember that good luck won’t come your way every single time. Young man… You‘ll suffer in my hands, sooner or later!”


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