No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2223

Byron glanced at Theo in disdain. He loathed people who cooperated with their enemies for measly gains. He smiled coldly and commented, “A person who stresses about getting justice for his junior brother is actually cooperating with the true murderer who killed his junior brother. You’re a truly unjust, wicked person! How dare you mention that I’m helping somebody else? Ask your own conscience about your actions!”

Almost everybody looked at Theo in disgust after Byron’s remark. With Byron’s testimony and Theo’s guilty expression, everybody knew the truth.

“I thought that he was genuinely infuriated about his junior brother’s death. Turns out, he’s here to frame others because of some benefits!”

“He dared not say anything when facing the true murderer who killed his junior brother, and he even cooperated with that person! He’s here to frame Jackie because he thinks that it’s easy to frame somebody in the intermediate stage of the innate level. He’s such a despicable person for framing someone!”

“I almost fell for his words just now and thought that Jackie was a vile person!”

At this moment, all the doubtful voices and contemptuous gazes landed on Theo. Theo was not as insensitive as Jackie was, and he felt that the gazes from the crowd burned holes in his body. News about this incident would surely travel back to his clan, and everybody would be mocking him by then. Everybody would think of him as a despicable person.

Theo was so angry that his hands were trembling, and his eyes were bloodshot, too. He suddenly raised his head and looked over at Jackie. “B*stard! I’ll remember everything that happened here today! I won’t let you off the hook, and there’s still a long way ahead of us. Just wait and see what I’ll do to you!

With that, Theo turned and left. After all, he would only provoke ridicule if he stayed behind. Jackie, meanwhile, felt that Theo was ridiculous and disgusting when he saw how he escaped with his tail between his legs. However, Jackie remembered what Theo said in the end. He believed that Theo would no doubt cause him trouble if he had the chance, and the beef between them was unavoidable.

This, however, did not overly concern Jackie as he did not go against his principle as a person. Theo, in fact, was the one who caused him trouble.

As the main person in this incident had escaped in embarrassment, onlookers naturally left with a lack of interest. Once again, only the disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion were left.

Griffin’s glower intensified as what he did was definitely despicable. He stood on the side of outsiders against his clan brothers, and many people despised him for what he did. However, Griffin did not feel that he made a mistake. He had never thought of Jackie as his clan brother.

Jackie turned around and looked at Griffin before speaking up in front of all the Dual Sovereign Pavilion’s disciples, “I’ll remember what you did today, Senior Brother Griffin!”

Griffin reacted like a cat whose tail had been stepped on when he heard what Jackie said. “Why? Do you plan to retaliate? You wish to do that by yourself? Stop thinking that you can show off in front of me because you’re under the Eleventh Elder’s protection! You’re just a formal disciple right now, frankly speaking, but I’m a chosen disciple! Who do you think you are to bring up revenge in front of me?

Jackie smiled coldly and replied indifferently, “Let’s wait and see.”

Jackie turned around and refused to look at Griffin again, all the while thinking of how to thank Byron as he had come to his aid. After all, Jackie was not an ungrateful person.


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