No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2222

Jackie paused after he finished saying this. “Another person saw the entire process!”

Theo’s expression changed, and he was about to interrupt Jackie when Jackie beat him to it. “It’s the person who tried to kill us at that moment!” He pointed at the direction of the masked man when he finished speaking. “That eldest senior brother from the Corpse Pavilion who has on a mask had been standing by the side and observing the entire battle after he wounded Senior Brother Heath! He must be the one who told you about everything!”

What Jackie said was like a wake-up call to everyone present. Although Jackie was disloyal and unrighteous, he was on the weaker side. Jackie sneered and continued, “The Corpse Pavilion was the one who wanted to kill us, and Frank died in the hands of the Corpse Pavilion’s disciples. You’re causing us trouble instead of accusing the Corpse Pavilion! Is this your loyalty and righteousness?”

Everyone there had a sudden realization when they heard what Jackie said. Jackie was right: The Corpse Pavilion was the one who did the murder, and Frank died in the hands of their people. However, Theo acted as if he had completely forgotten this and only came to question Jackie. He was obviously bullying the weak!

At this moment, everybody turned to accuse Theo, and the looks in their eyes changed when they looked at him.

Jackie sneered and added, “It doesn’t matter that you’re bullying the weak and purposely causing me trouble, but you’re working together with the person who killed Frank! Senior Brother Heath was so badly wounded at that moment that he was on the ground, continuously vomiting blood. How could he even have the thought to focus on me? Right now, Senior Brother Heath is still healing, and he’s unable to even open his eyes right now. How would he be in the mood to go to you and purposely tell you everything?!”

Theo was so angry that his hands were trembling. Still, he stubbornly insisted, “Your actions were too overboard, so—”

“Stop lying to everybody with these made-up facts. What did I do that was so overboard? We could’ve left in peace, but Frank was all pompous. He completely angered the opponent, and this caused the opponent to attack us. If everyone won’t believe what I said, you can ask another person who was involved in the fight, the formal disciple of Thousand Leaves Pavilion, Byron Reid!”

Theo blushed a crimson color as he said, “Don’t try to smooth-talk your way out of this!”

“I’m not trying to smoothly talk my way out of things; you’re the one who was in exasperation. I’m sure you’re cooperating with the masked man because he promised you a sweet deal or two. After all, the masked man failed to capture me, and he hated me. You don’t actually care about Frank’s fate, and you only care if you’ll receive your promised benefits. You could’ve thrown anyone under the bus for these small boons!”

“It is true, and I can testify!” At this moment, a clear voice could be heard from behind the crowd, and a Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciple in a white robe walked over to them steadily.

The person who made his way toward the scene was Byron, and he seemed to be calm at this moment. However, waves of anger were flashing across his eyes.

He announced loudly when he arrived in front of everybody, “I can testify for Junior Brother Jackie, and everything he says is true! On top of that, my Senior Brother Heath had been tending to his wounds since he was transferred here. He was in no mood to tell anybody about what happened since then.”

With this witness testifying on Jackie’s behalf, the judgment of things naturally leaned toward his side. Theo, who was arrogant before, immediately shrank as though a bowl of cold water had been poured over his head

However, he still tried to defend himself.

“Junior Brother Byron, why are you siding with Jackie? He killed my junior brother!”


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