No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2221

Heath could not have spoken righteously on Frank’s behalf just like what Theo said, as Heath abhorred Frank. This all merely seemed hilarious to Jackie. On top of that, he remembered that Heath was unable to stay awake after being wounded by the masked man. How could he be in the mood to look at other things at that moment?

Although Jackie was in a battle at that time, he still paid attention to the changes around him. It seemed untrue that Heath saw everything that happened! It was true that the others were deeply immersed in their battles, but Theo managed to describe their battle accurately. This meant that somebody described what happened to Theo, but that person was neither Heath nor Edric!

Jackie suddenly raised his head to look at Theo and smiled coldly. He opened his mouth and said, “I’m impressed! How can you do this when Frank was your clan brother from the same sect…”

Theo was stunned when he heard this and the people around them were also stunned. All of them stared at Jackie in disbelief.

Griffin said with a frown on his face. “Are you so intimidated that you’ve gone crazy? What are you talking about?”

Jackie suddenly turned around to look at Griffin. “If this happened to Senior Brother Griffin, what would you do? It was an emergency situation, and my opponent was in the final stage of innate level. If I wasn’t thinking about escaping, should I have stayed to die with Frank? I’m sure that you would’ve escaped faster than anybody if this happened to you! You only asked me these questions because we’ve got bad blood. We’re clan brothers, so it doesn’t matter if there are some issues between us, but you ignored the fact that we’re clan brothers and, instead, joined some random outsider to blame me! You agreed to what the outsider said without looking at what happened with your own eyes! What sort of a good person do you think you are?!”

Griffin slightly stuttered when Jackie’s questions hit, and his expression mellowed out. “I was just standing on the side of,”

“You said that I’m a disloyal and unrighteous person, but have you thought about my situation?” interjected Jackie. “This person is a disciple of the Muddled Origin Clan, and you agree to everything that he said. You’re helping an outsider against me! Is this the loyalty and righteousness that you’re talking about?”

Nelson immediately followed behind Jackie and said,” Junior Brother Jackie is right! We’re all disciples of the Dual Sovereign Pavilion, and if we are of no help, we shouldn’t have spoken before we know what’s going on. Where’s your loyalty and righteousness as you disregarded the sect’s morality for your personal grudges?”

Jackie and Nelson’s alternating words caused Griffin To blush a crimson color as he looked at the two of them with gritted teeth. He tried to find his tongue so that he could talk back to them.

However, Jackie did not provide the opportunity for him to do so. He suddenly turned around to look at Theo. “Do you think that I’m dumb?! Everyone was too caught up in their own battle that no one would’ve bothered to look at somebody else. You said that…Senior Brother Heath told you everything. However, I saw him badly wounded and lying on the ground vomiting blood in the end. He’s still trying to recover right now, so do you think that he would be In the mood to tell you all that?!”


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