No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2220

There was something wrong with the entire matter.

Jackie suddenly looked up and said to Theo, “You mentioned that Senior Brother Heath saw the entire thing, yes? He was indignant about what happened and had told you everything, am I right?”

Theo’s gaze darted around, but he soon calmed down and nodded. “That’s true. Junior Brother Heath felt that you had gone too far. Nobody can accept such despicable actions, which was why he told me everything out of righteousness! Don’t try and argue that Junior Brother Heath didn’t see anything. Although he was already badly pounded at that time, he wasn’t that troubled at all. The others were focused on their respective fights, but he had time to observe everybody while you were fighting. That was how he had witnessed how despicable you were!”

Theo raised his head and chest as he spoke so righteously, as though he was a messenger of justice who was rebuking Jackie, the despicable and shameless villain.

Jackie chuckled and started laughing when he heard what Theo said, and the ridicule Jackie held in his laughter was unmistakable. He suddenly looked over at where the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciples were gathered.

Compared to their side, the other gathering spot was much quieter. Several of them were meditating with their legs crossed. It was true that Heath was badly wounded in the battle with the masked man. He was also meditating at that moment, and he was extremely pale while his breathing was shallow.

Jackie still remembered how much blood Heath vomited when he was wounded and fell to the ground, yet he still found it in him to relay what had happened to Theo, even after he spewed blood enough to coat the entire ground?

Heath must have been genuinely free to have done that!

Griffin immediately mocked Jackie’s ear-piercing laughter. “Why are you laughing? Do you think that the righteous words of others are hilarious?! Still. It’s understandable for despicable people like you to think of other people’s actions for justice to be hilarious!”

Griffin was so used to slandering others. He mocked Jackie to his heart’s content and was completely guilt free with doing that, too.

Nelson was so angry that he, with his face turning purplish, stretched out his head. “Junior Brother Griffin, can you stop talking? You have nothing to do with this matter, and you should stay out of it. Don’t forget that no matter what Junior Brother Jackie did, he’s still your junior brother!”

Griffin immediately stood up straight when he heard what Nelson said. “You’re right. Senior Brother Nelson-Jackie is my junior brother no matter what he did. However, I cannot put up with such a disloyal and unrighteous person!”

Nelson scoffed at this and ceased his attempt. He knew that Griffin just could not stop himself, no matter what he said. He could only allow Griffin to continue showing off.

Jackie barely reacted when facing the accusations and mocking looks from the people around him. Jackie did not feel like it was nothing, but he realized the crucial point of the issue.

Jackie felt that there was something weird going on when Theo rushed over to question him. Was Theo close to Frank? Why did Theo question him? Why did Edric refuse to face him? Why did Heath, who was terribly wounded and was on the ground vomiting blood, tell Theo about what happened? Apart from himself, Heath was the other person who hated Frank.

If Frank had not ignored his words and did not say so much to anger the masked man, they would have withdrawn themselves safely. They would not have experienced the annoying matter later on. Heath would not be badly wounded either!

The Divine Void Slope was about to be activated, and everybody would be fighting over precious items by then. Heath was so badly wounded that he did not have the courage to climb up the Divine Void Slope.


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