No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2219

Griffin’s sudden mention that Jackie once slandered him immediately caused the others to misunderstand that Jackie did this in the past.

Jackie raised his brows. “Senior Brother Griffin, I’m impressed that you can simply make things up. Since you mentioned that I slandered you, can you tell everyone what lies I’ve said and my slanders toward you?”

Nelson exhaled helplessly. He knew that if he allowed the matter to continue developing, it would not be beneficial for both Jackie and the Dual Sovereign Pavilion

Thus, he stretched out his hand and stopped Jackie from speaking before he hurried toward Griffin. He then warned Griffin with a cold expression, “Junior Brother Griffin, please pay attention to your words. Since the matter has nothing to do with you, leave it to me and Junior Brother Jackie.”

Griffin said nothing previously because he was afraid of Nelson and the punishment from the sect. However, it meant nothing for him to make some comments at this point as Jackie offended outsiders and were here to cause Jackie trouble. Even if the upper management of the sect learned about what he did, he would also defend himself by saying that Jackie caused the trouble, and he only spoke up because it was morally inappropriate.

Griffin chuckled when he thought of this explanation and nonchalantly spoke, “You’re wrong, Senior Brother Nelson. I feel that it’s inappropriate of us to take Jackie’s side all the time. What Jackie did was wrong!”

Theo followed suit as he said, “That’s right! Jackie has crossed the line, and if he made another move, my junior brother would’ve survived the attack. He purposely avoided the attack and let my junior brother die! Even though you aren’t related to my junior brother, you were allies at that point and were teammates. You’re backstabbing my junior brother by what you did! An immoral person like you should pay for what you did!”

Jackie was placed on a pedestal, and it looked like they were criticizing Jackie into a despicable, immoral villain with no virtue. What Theo said added fuel to the fire, and many people eyed Jackie hatefully-the disgust in their eyes was apparent.

Some people even said straightforwardly, “Such a despicable person doesn’t deserve to stand together with us or fight for the precious treasure on the Divine Void Slope with us!”

“That’s right! And he even tried to spew twisted explanations! I thought that he was an understanding person, but it seems that he’s a despicable, shameless person instead!”

The sharp comments wafted into Jackie’s ears, but Jackie remained unfazed as if he heard nothing. In fact, Jackie had heard many of such comments since a long time ago. However, the reactions of the crowd caused Theo to be extremely excited. It was his intention to frame Jackie into a despicable person with no virtue so that everybody would gather to attack Jackie.

Jackie said nothing and only focused on Edric, who stood behind Theo. He saw how Edric lowered his eyes to stare at the ground while frowning. Edric slowly looked up as if he felt that Jackie was looking at him. He immediately turned to look away when he saw that Jackie was staring at him.

Jackie frowned when he saw Edric’s reaction. Something was wrong with him.


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