No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 2218

“We’d understandably run for our lives. From what you say, do you mean that my junior brother shouldn’t have escaped? Should he have died with Frank? Don’t you think that what you’ve said is vexatious?”

Nelson addressing Theo’s vexatious actions straightforwardly made Theo’s expression sour.

He scoffed and spoke while raising his chin, “Do you think that nobody saw what happened? I purposely asked the Thousand Leaves Pavilion’s disciple, Heath Vay, about what happened. He saw that you had the opportunity to resolve the opponent’s attack before you escaped, but you didn’t. You left my Junior Brother Frank there to endure the attacks that caused his death, all while you escaped!”

The corner of Jackie’s mouth slightly twitched when he heard this. Jackie was so angry that he could not muster words. What he did, after all, was definitely justified

Jackie was about to refute when Griffin spoke up mockingly, “Junior Brother Jackie, what you did is wrong. How could you frame others when you wish to escape?”

Jackie immediately turned his head around and looked at Griffin coldly. Griffin looked back at Jackie indifferently; it was plain to see he was trying to make Jackie furious. He then added, “Based on what you say, the five of you had formed an alliance at that time, and you shouldn’t have done that even though he isn’t your clan brother.”

What Griffin said was morally blackmailing Jackie, and he was completely unfazed by the burning fire he had just added fuel into. Griffin purposely raised his voice when he spoke so that the people around them could hear him clearly.

What Griffin said had attracted the attention of many, and everyone started to come closer to them. Many of them crossed their arms at their chests, pointing at Jackie accusingly as they gossiped among themselves. Although they spoke in a soft voice, they did not hide the mockery in their eyes as they looked at Jackie.

Nelson frowned and looked at Griffin angrily. Griffin still acted as if he saw nothing and looked like he was unfazed by what he had just done. He stretched out his hand and touched his storage ring. A jade folding fan appeared in his palm, and he opened the fan with a flap. Griffin waved the fan in his hand. Although martial artists were not afraid of the changes in temperature, he still shook the fan happily.

Jackie only gazed at Griffin coldly before a smirk appeared on his face. Half of the smirk was a smile, while the other half made the others feel a tingling chill traveling down their spine.

Griffin did not care about Jackie’s gaze as the grudges between them were unresolvable. On top of that, he looked down at those who relied on others to improve their status.

Griffin chuckled and spoke in a manner that made Jackie want to kick his teeth in. “Junior Brother Jackie, why are you looking at me like that? Did I say something wrong? You can point it out if you think that there’s something wrong with what I said.”

Jackie replied coldly, “I’m impressed, Senior Brother Griffin. You’re capable of doing anything just to fulfill your despicable wishes.”

Griffin raised his eyebrows. “Junior Brother Jackie, what do you mean? What did I do to deserve such comments from you? Although you’ve always liked to slander others, please refrain from doing so now! I can let go of what happened in the past, but it’s bad for you to slander me now when there are so many people around us!”

Griffin threw all caution in the wind and made up things just to defame Jackie. Everybody could see that there were grudges between the two of them, but they had no idea how and what had happened between them.


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